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Fast-forward stage for Fitness on Demand, virtual group exercise

It’s hard to believe that Lift Brands launched Fitness On Demand (FOD) just three years ago, in early 2011. So much has happened since then, propelling the company to grow far beyond expectations.

Based in Excelsior, Minnesota, FOD delivers digital group exercise so that clubs can offer classes more efficiently and at a lower cost than with live instructors - any time members want to work out. Just a year after its debut, the nascent firm was already boasting a roster of 60 different offerings that were being presented at more than 250 fitness facilities worldwide.

Fast-forward two years, and we mean fast. In that time, FOD has expanded in nearly every conceivable category: from 10 to 33 employees; from 60-plus to more than 600 unique titles; to a presence in approximately 1,000 facilities across the globe; and to year-over-year revenue growth, in 2013, of 130%. “It’s been crazy, but fun,” observes Garrett Marshall, the company’s business development director.

Read on to see more about Fitness on Demand's past, present and future.

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A peek into health clubs of the future

The year is 2040, and your members want a workout. They leave their homes, climb into their personal piloted drones, and head for your club. They park their vehicles beside others in a clean, well-lit garage, and step onto the moving sidewalk to be transported into the building. They enter the lobby, which is airy and open and crafted from environmentally sustainable materials.

At the front desk, they’re greeted by an avatar, their virtual trainer, who knows exactly how many times the member has worked out during the past month, how well they slept last night, what they ate for breakfast, and that they opted to fly to the club today.

The virtual trainer has gleaned all this information from the member’s wearable – or, perhaps, even embedded – fitness-tracking device, and has already programmed a workout for them. Perhaps it’s a ses-sion on the treadmill, or one with free weights, or a group interval class conducted by another avatar. The trainer knows the member’s short- and long-term goals and current, real-time status, and has the perfect workout ready.

Welcome to the club of tomorrow!

See how some in the fitness industry feel the club of the future will look.

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