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Inclusive fitness means fitness for everyone

Fitness for Health founder Marc Sickel and a client.Before joining Fitness for Health in Rockville, Md., the last time that Locla Byron, 70, had walked up a flight of stairs without holding on to the railing was when she was six years old.

Byron was born with cerebral palsy, a general term for a set of neurological disorders that severely impair muscle function, and, so, throughout her life, she’d struggle to do simple things that most take for granted - things like maintaining good balance.

Then, through her doctor, she heard about Fitness for Health, a fitness center that works exclusively with people with disabilities.

Six months into her training at the facility, s regimen that involved a variety of exercises, games, and equipment adapted specifically for the handicapped, Byron walked up a flight of stairs without the support of a railing - for the first time in 64 years!

Fitness for Health is at the forefront of the emerging inclusive fitness (sometimes called adaptive fitness) movement, an effort to create and provide exercise facilities, equipment, and programs tailored to individuals with special needs.

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Fitness for Health helps find solutions

There is no better feeling in the fitness and health industry than observing someone succeed. It doesn’t matter to what extent – it could be someone new to the gym or a seasoned athlete who made it to another level.

Imagine that feeling for someone who works with clients who had either been unable to do what average people their age can accomplish without a second thought, or have struggled mightily achieving those objectives.

For Marc Sickel and the staff at Fitness for Health they get that feeling of accomplishment and achievement with everyone who walks through the doors of the Rockville, Md., facility.

Fitness for Health works with children and adults who may have certain roadblocks that prevent them from being both physically active and agile enough to play with friends, walk down the street or even just walk to the car. Or in an adult’s case, remain active and healthy. It is sort of like an occupational therapy graduate program.

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