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Fall is a time to get members back into gym routine

Ellipse Fitness Rock Your Jeans programIt is that time of year again that parents look forward to - kids going back to school. They certainly won’t miss the oft-repeated lines, “there’s nothing to do” or “drive me to my friend’s house.” 

With no longer devoting time to the kids’ whims and desires during the summer, it now opens up a bunch of free time for the chauffeurs, admins and party planners of the family.

Health and fitness clubs know that, and thus there are many new options out there for members and non-members alike. Most clubs don’t see a big, if any, uptick in membership in the fall. So, they cater both new programs and old ones put on the shelf during slow times in the summer, to current members who are looking to get back into the swing of things, gym-wise.

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Clubs have to be ready for change when summer ends


For many sports and fitness clubs around the world, the transition from summer to the fall, and beyond, doesn’t always mean a huge change in membership or visits. 

That doesn’t mean they just sail into a 9-month or so time frame when kids are in school, college students are back on campus, teachers are off to work again, or vacations and trips are no longer keeping members away. 

While overall numbers generally don’t fluctuate a whole lot, where those numbers are often do. No longer is the middle of the day – always a hectic time during the summer – the time when youth arrive. Adults now will come during school or after work. 

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