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Replacing equipment is not as easy as writing a check

A trade show attendee tries out Jacob's Ladder at IHRSA's annual Convention & Trade Show.In a perfect world, all of the equipment in a club would last 15, 20 years. With so many moving parts, constant use, and different members using pieces in a variety of ways, as well as putting different types of stress on them, it is inevitable that apparatus breaks down sooner than owners and managers would like. 

But what is the best way to go about replacing treadmills, spin bikes, free weights and whatever else is in disrepair? Should you switch out all of the same models from one company at the same time, or is staggering it OK? 

And what about input? How much do you value your employees’ and members’ opinions over what you may have seen at a trade show?

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This Week in Fitness: A Treadmill That Simulates Running on Sand

A new piece of exercise equipment simulates the feel of running on sand. Read about this and more in This Week in Fitness.

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This Week in Fitness: Pools Not Just for Swimming Anymore

Forget working on your freestyle. Now you can practice martial arts, take a Zumba class and even take a bike ride in the pool. Read about this and more in This Week in the Fitness Industry.

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