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Career improvement, networking tops list for new Institute attendees

David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe upcoming IHRSA Institute is the one event in the health and fitness industry where you can improve your career with sessions and faculty that provide a small-group setting and personal education. It has been shown many times over with past graduates who are leaders in the industry, their clubs and businesses, and their community.

That is one of the main reasons why up-and-comers and those who are looking to the next step in their professional career decide to attend. It can be a new position or just doing a better job at the one they are at. The IHRSA Institute provides graduate-level education that can easily and immediately be instituted back at the attendees’ company.

And working with, and learning from, names like Brent Darden, Sandy Franco, Bonnie Patrick Mattalian, Mark Miller, Debra Siena, and more, cries out success and professional movement. 

The IHRSA Institute, which is Aug. 5-8 at Kenan-Flagler Business School on the campus of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, is back after a five-year hiatus. The all-inclusive event features graduate-level education with top-notch educators – many of whom are Institute graduates - in small classroom settings. Over the four days there are many networking, team building and social events that give attendees plenty of time to commiserate with classmates and educators alike.

Read on to see what new attendees hope to get out of the Institute.

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Graduate-level education, close-knit setting at IHRSA Institute 

IHRSA Institute classroomIHRSA offers a plenty of resources and events for anyone in the fitness industry. No matter what level you are at and what department you work in, there is a webinar, publication, education session at a convention, and research for everyone.

But for those looking to get to the next level in the fitness industry, there is the IHRSA Institute.

The Institute, on hiatus for four years, is back. It is scheduled for Aug. 5-8 at the Kenan-Flagler Business School on the University of North Carolina campus.

Read on to see who the Institute is suited for and what is offered.

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Don't be naughty; be nice and register for IHRSA 2014

You know how this season works – before you know it, it is Jan. 2 and all of the holidays are over.

That also means that the 33rd Annual IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show is almost upon us. The question this time of the year is not, “Have you been naughty or nice,” but, “Have you registered for IHRSA 2014 yet?”

If the lure of the perfect weather of San Diego, as well as numerous tourist attractions and world-class food, is not enough, then the wide variety of offering at the Convention & Trade Show will be.

Read on for what will be offered at IHRSA 2014.

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DVDs from IHRSA 2013 on sale

There is really no reason not to purchase a few DVDs from the 2013 IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show. Unless of course, you and your staff were able to get to every educational session and parlay the knowledge to each other. 

Since no one was likely able to do that, now is your chance to get one, two, hey, why not 10, DVDs.

And even if yoou were able to get to everything, the best way to let the rest of your staff who wasn't in Las Vegas really get the message of the presentation is for them to watch the video.

For more, including excerpts, read on.

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Education, partnerships might be a logical step after Coca-Cola commercial

Mike Heim has seen a lot of good from the Coca-Cola company, like supporting youth programs, supplying Dasani water at youth and community events, and even making changes to beverage machines in local schools and hospitals. 

So when Heim, the Youth Fitness director at the Elmwood Fitness Center in Hanrahan, La., saw the recent commercial from the beverage giant he knew it was genuine and was a big step toward the fight on obesity in America. 

He feels there are two big reasons why he thinks Coca-Cola will be able be the one leading the pack – money and influence. 

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