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Outdoor workouts not all sweet-smelling flowers and fresh air

For gym owners and managers, it is a story they never want to see. Even though they know it is not 100% accurate, and there is another side, it always comes up during the summer months.

We are talking about the summer tale of how it is wise – both financially and physically – to take your workouts outside, and, thus, cancel your gym membership. 

The writers and their sources will often look at being able to run along the lake or buy a couple kettlebells , in order to feel the cool breeze and smell the fresh grass as great alternatives to a stuffy gym (their words, not mine).

We all know that is not the case.

For more, read on.

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High intensity workouts see results, popularity

David Castillo Dominici image, FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe studies, research and personal testimonies are all out there. So, it looks like high intensity interval workouts here to stay and apparently a healthy way to exercise.

Of course, that doesn’t mean low intensity or endurance programs should be, or have to be, ditched entirely.

“I am certainly an advocate of high intensity workouts. It has a place in anyone’s program,” said Jessica Matthews, exercise physiologist at the American Council on Exercise in San Diego. “The pendulum is swinging now – many people have abandoned longer workouts and have focused solely on high intensity. But, low and moderate intensity (workouts) have benefits, too.”

Read on for the entire story.

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Testimonials are more than a pat on the back

Dawn is a mother of two who works two jobs. She recently went through a tough stretch and was looking to get stronger, both physically and mentally.

Eli, who in his 50s wanted to go skydiving. However there is a weight limit and he needed to lose in excess of 75 pounds to get to 220. He is about halfway there, but is determined to make his goal and jump out of that plane.

In both cases the real-life events, emotions and feelings are ways to better market the club, practically dropped on someone’s desk. The health and fitness industry is filled with so many inspirational and feel-good stories that it makes sense to use them to not only drive up membership numbers but to get others to make, and hopefully, attain health- and fitness-related goals.

Using testimonials is one way many clubs make marketing and advertising more human.

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Preparation, certification can save lives at your club

In his little more than a decade at Desoto Athletic Clubs in Southaven, Miss., David Creech has seen two members die while working out. Neither could have been avoided as an aneurysm in the brain and heart attack were the causes. 

Recently another member was working lat pull-downs when he fell down and his heart stopped beating. He lived, thankfully. 

The reason the survivor was able to make his way back to the club, at a much later date, was the fact that an AED – automated external defibrillator – was on site. 

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Childcare may not bring in money, but it pays off

There are many businesses that have departments that don’t bring in a dime or always are in the red, but that doesn’t mean its importance is devalued. 

Such is the case with childcare facilities at health and sports club. Those that are offered with a membership at no extra cost obviously won’t make the facility money, and the clubs that charge a fee – often nominal – will never see it off-setting the costs associated with staffing and supplies.

But a broader look at clubs with the option of a member dropping off their child for a couple hours results in many who choose their club because of it, as well as possibly getting that person in the club when they may not have otherwise. 

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