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Entries in Curl Fitness (2)


New year brings new members

If you check out any local newspaper in the first week of the new year you would be hard-pressed not to find at least one, if not both, of these stories: people going to the gym for a New Year’s resolution and the influx of new gym memberships, due to the aforementioned lifestyle change. 

The tone of either of these stories, and the fact that they are still being reported, hasn’t changed too much in recent years, but the reasons, when the deluge happens and what gym owners do to keep them certainly has. 

Some of the reasons for the changes include tough economic times, a heavier emphasis on kicking a sedentary lifestyle means less people using the turn from Dec. 31 to Jan. 1 as a reason to get to the gym, and the influx of new members is now spread over all of January and into February and later. 

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Ride a smooth wave with Curl Fitness

Oftentimes you step into a club for the first time and you can feel the pressure from members who care about nothing other than their workout. That can be due to management that allows the club to take on the negative vibe.

 At Curl Fitness, which has been open for a little less than one year, owners Becky Hartman and Jill Sperry give off a laid-back feel that resonates throughout the club.

They started out by hiring a staff that shared their vision and now its close to 500 members can enjoy a relaxed and stress-free workout.

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