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A peek into health clubs of the future

The year is 2040, and your members want a workout. They leave their homes, climb into their personal piloted drones, and head for your club. They park their vehicles beside others in a clean, well-lit garage, and step onto the moving sidewalk to be transported into the building. They enter the lobby, which is airy and open and crafted from environmentally sustainable materials.

At the front desk, they’re greeted by an avatar, their virtual trainer, who knows exactly how many times the member has worked out during the past month, how well they slept last night, what they ate for breakfast, and that they opted to fly to the club today.

The virtual trainer has gleaned all this information from the member’s wearable – or, perhaps, even embedded – fitness-tracking device, and has already programmed a workout for them. Perhaps it’s a ses-sion on the treadmill, or one with free weights, or a group interval class conducted by another avatar. The trainer knows the member’s short- and long-term goals and current, real-time status, and has the perfect workout ready.

Welcome to the club of tomorrow!

See how some in the fitness industry feel the club of the future will look.

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Life Fitness's Clawson misses out on entrepreneur award

A couple months ago Chris Clawson, president of Life Fitness, was asked what it would mean to his company, as well as the fitness and health industry, if he won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. 

He first tackled Life Fitness by explaining that it would prove that what he said when he returned to the Illinois-based company. 

“(The award) reinforces what I said when I came back to Life Fitness,” Clawson said. “The company has heritage, history and a lot of pride. We can live on that for a while but at some point we need to move forward. We want to be market-drivers. All of the people here are making it happen. We have tremendous talent and the needed someone to let them do their thing.”

Read more on Clawson and Ernst & Young award.

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Time for industry to give thanks for a great 2013

There is plenty to be thankful for in the fitness industry.

Helping members become healthier is a logical start. Then you can include the fact that most clubs are contributing to their respective communities with fundraisers, donating time and goods, and educating about health and wellness.

Suffice to say that it is a feel-good industry. And this time of year is a great time to look back and remember some of the things owners, managers, businesses and the general public has to be thankful for.

Read on to see the 2013 recap.

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