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Entries in Childhood Obesity (20)


Further your career at the convenience of your home 

With modern technology, gone are the days where you have to get in your car in order to do most anything.  That is no different in the fitness industry. 

Leaders in Fitness has recently launched its virtual learning environment where fitness professionals can get continuing education credits online, access to almost 30 hours of programs, including Pilates, and workshops on Barre, nutrition, anatomy, yoga and more. 

With a recent IHRSA report that said more than 6.5 million Americans are using personal trainers – a 91% increase from 1999 – adding to your resume and marketing yourself the best you can will only help in the end.

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President’s Council youth test to be updated

As with many standardized tests, the President’s Council on Fitness youth fitness test that is given in schools is somewhat antiquated. 

Seeing how many sit-ups and push-ups will be replaced with measuring students’ health-related fitness based on what is considered good health, it was announced this week. 

“What is really apparent is that we have an obesity epidemic in our country, so we feel like we now need to focus on health versus athletic performance,” says Shellie Pfohl, executive director of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition. 

The soon-to-be former test was devised 50 years ago to see their athletic performance, in case they were called into military service. 

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Big names show support for NYC soda ban

PHOTO COURTESY RUSSELL BERNICE / FLICKRYou have seen on this website many examples that the soda ban in New York City would be one good way to combat the obesity epidemic in the United States (or in the Big Apple in this instance). We stress that there is much more needed other than the 60 or so less calories one would save from smaller soft drinks. 

That isn’t stopping many big names that are throwing support to Gov. Michael Bloomberg, who is pushing for the ban. Oprah’s fitness guru, Weight Watchers, President Bill Clinton and hip-hop’s Russell Simmons are few who have commented on his website. 

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Children who watch too much TV could have expanded waistlines

A Canadian study says that the more hours in front of a television at a young age will most likely result in more inches around the waistline when they get older.

An obvious finding? Sure, but when you see the numbers is when it really hits.

The study, in a BioMed Central journal, shows that for children 4 ½ years old who watch 18 hours of television per week could see an iextra one-third of an inch around their waist by age 10. Not startling, mind-boggling numbers, but by 18, 20, 25 years old, who knows what size pants you will be buying.

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Clubs fight the fight on childhood obesity

The numbers regarding childhood obesity are startling. And thankfully many clubs around the country are doing something about it.

Try these on for size (according to


  •  Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past three decades;
  •  The percentage of children ages 6-11 who are obese was 1 in 5 in 2008; it was 1 n 14 in 1980;
  •  Children ages 12-19 who are considered obese increased from 5% in 1980 to 18% in 2008.


We talked to a variety of clubs – as far as location, community’s size and economic situation and size and number of employees at the club. No matter where the club stood in those categories it was doing everything it could to fight this fight.

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