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Women's Leadership Summit teaches how to be mentally strong

Guest speaker Amy Morin, right, and Debra Siena.When Amy Morin became an Internet sensation many people probably thought she caught lightening in a bottle, like many who get their 15 minutes of fame on the web.

Despite being a trained therapist, those who say her 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do list didn’t think much of it.  She said that a large majority of comments were negative.

Morin was the guest speaker at the 5th Annual Women’s Leadership Summit during IHRSA 2014 33d Annual International Convention & Trade Show, March 12-15 in San Diego. She discussed each of the 13 categories and how women - and men as there were a couple among the 60 or so people in attendance – can use them in their professional and personal lives.

To see her list and how it can help you be mentally strong, read on.

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