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High intensity workouts see results, popularity

David Castillo Dominici image, FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe studies, research and personal testimonies are all out there. So, it looks like high intensity interval workouts here to stay and apparently a healthy way to exercise.

Of course, that doesn’t mean low intensity or endurance programs should be, or have to be, ditched entirely.

“I am certainly an advocate of high intensity workouts. It has a place in anyone’s program,” said Jessica Matthews, exercise physiologist at the American Council on Exercise in San Diego. “The pendulum is swinging now – many people have abandoned longer workouts and have focused solely on high intensity. But, low and moderate intensity (workouts) have benefits, too.”

Read on for the entire story.

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New dog food may enable your dog to join you on runs

Today's This Week in the Fitness Industry is quite diverse. There are subjects from a new dog food that may help get your pet out running with you, to UFC expanding its brand with the purchase of LA Boxing, to the American Council on Exercise releasing its top trends for 2013.

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Get in shape, earn money

Aetna members will be reimbursed for numerous healthy activities through the Aetna Fitness Reimbursement Program, which will be launched on Jan. 1, 2013.

Gym membership fees and group exercise classes, personal training, fitness equipment purchases and weight management and nutrition counseling services are among the programs that could benefit Aetna members, physically and financially.

It will be offered to National Accounts, Middle Markets and Public & Labor. An Aetna member will be able to take advantage of the program only if their employer offers the Reimbursement Program.

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Further your career at the convenience of your home 

With modern technology, gone are the days where you have to get in your car in order to do most anything.  That is no different in the fitness industry. 

Leaders in Fitness has recently launched its virtual learning environment where fitness professionals can get continuing education credits online, access to almost 30 hours of programs, including Pilates, and workshops on Barre, nutrition, anatomy, yoga and more. 

With a recent IHRSA report that said more than 6.5 million Americans are using personal trainers – a 91% increase from 1999 – adding to your resume and marketing yourself the best you can will only help in the end.

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Gyms are important part of 5K training

Many who are getting ready for a 5K may head to the gym to hit the treadmill or elliptical, thinking that mimics running.

What they may not think about is building necessary muscles, like calves, quads and hamstrings, could be as important as cardio work.

But don’t ignore using the cardio machines – if you can’t get outside for a run. 

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