Sitting at work may be worse than smoking
Fri, August 15, 2014 at 16:07
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It probably hasn’t gone viral, but the saying, “Sitting is the new smoking” has definitely been heard around the water cooler and in cubicles around the country.

It pretty much is saying that sitting for eight or more hours at our desk at work is killing us – like smoking did, and is doing, in the 1980s and ‘90s.

Fortunately, there are many ways to get up and be active at work are endless. One of the more popular ways that is gaining traction is the standing desk.

The Center for Personalized Health Care at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center calculated that every hour spent sitting shortens our life by 22 minutes – twice as much as smoking a cigarette. It might be time to check to see if your company will pay for a stand-up desk.

Stand up and work (Forbes)

Fitness retreats becoming popular

We all would like a week of yoga, weight training and hiking. But would you want to do that as a vacation?

A new breed of fitness retreats are popping up where you work, and work hard, while you are away from the hustle and bustle of the office and home.

Some of them include a weight-loss component, so on top of hours in the gym and four-hour hikes, you are doing it on minimal calorie intake. Others, however, a part-spa, part-fitness retreat, with massages and healthy food.

Work out, while on vacation (Yahoo! Travel)

CrossFit becoming a dating game?

It is natural to gravitate toward someone who has similar interests. That might not be any more true than CrossFit. 

Obviously, like-minded people are CrossFitters, and the religious devotion needed to do it attracts similar personalities. Add in the fact that many who are devoted also follow the Paleo diet, there is that similarity, too.

“You need someone who understands the pain,” said Sharifa Dunn, 26, a Reebok CrossFit Fifth Avenue member, in a New York Times story.

New York has many CrossFit boxes (their term for gym) and many of them have social events – both for their individual site and for many CrossFit gyms).

CrossFitters gravitate toward each other (NY Times)

Top fitness Tweeters

This space has provided “best” lists in fitness trends, exercises, fitness trackers and more. This may be the first one that gives you the best Twitter accounts to follow for fitness 

On the list there are Tweeters from “Extreme Weight Loss” and “The Biggest Loser.” CrossFit and personal trainers. The list also includes Health and Happiness.

Since sometimes being healthy and fit requires a little motivation, following certain Tweeters can certainly fill the bill.

Who to follow, fitness-wise, on Twitter (Greatist)


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