Promoting exercise, one sport and one week at a time
Fri, August 1, 2014 at 15:33
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Paul and Jacqui Brown are active – as much now as ever with Jacqui 50 years old and Paul on the verge. But they want to make sure their 8-year-old son Ben continues on the right path despite being bombarded by video games, fast food and computers.

The family is embarking on a journey to not only educate Ben but also bring awareness to the importance of exercise. 50 Sports in 50 Weeks will see the Browns, starting Oct. 16, hit 50 iconic locations, learn 50 different sports from 50 of the sports best athletes.

“50 Sports in 50 Weeks will use the power of sport to make a real difference, reminding families everywhere of the importance of doing things together and showcase the amazing variety of sport options,” Paul said on the blog on his website. 

Many have already committed to being “mentors” for the Browns, including Karrie Webb (golf), Natalie Cooke (beach volleyball) and Simon Leitch (fencing).

Trek will educate on the importance of exercise (

Crunch looks to Dutch speedskating for next big thing

Those in the health and fitness industry are always looking for the next big thing – to bring in new members to their club or a workout that will be the next Zumba, CrossFit or P90X.

The Crunch gym chain is hoping for a little bit of both, using Dutch speedskating as the premise.

The New York City-based chain has just started a class, Transformer with Disq. A Disq is a tool developed by Dutch speedskaters that adds strength workouts with every movement. The class is like many current options – 45 minutes and set to thumping music and hits both cardiovascular and strength training.

Dutch speedskaters help with new Crunch class (Wall Street Journal)

Fitness companies make difference for employees

Health and fitness companies’ mission is often to help individuals live a happier, healthier and better life. 

That certainly includes employees. Supplying a place to work out and time for healthy habits are obvious, but workplace culture, work conditions and more are often at the top of the list.

Two IHRSA associate members were recently featured for its efforts in different publications.

Technogym’s campus – known as the Wellness Village - opened two years ago to rave reviews for its design, offerings and overall good feel. Included in the Cesena, Italy, headquarters are wellness balls instead of chairs, for better spine stabilization and core strengthening; a two-hour lunch, that includes meals cooked onsite with local ingredients; and the beautiful surroundings “forces” employees to park further away in order to enjoy the walk to the building for longer.

At Octane Fitness in Brooklyn Park, Minn., the cultures starts right at the hiring process. Making sure the right employees are hired helps the company of less than 100 employees. Dennis Lee, CEO and president, said employees are “treated like a real partner in the business.” Eveeryone’s performance helps determine bonuses.

Octane Fitness and Technogym create great workplaces (Star Trine and Cool Hunting)

Exercise helps smokers stop

The benefits of exercise are endless. It seems more positives are discovered weekly.

A review of a new study shows that those who are depressed are less likely to quit smoking. And since a known benefit of exercise is warding off depression, it makes sense that exercising can aid in smoking cessation.

According to researchers, who published the report in Nicotine & Tobacco Research, depressed smokers feel the need to smoke twice as often as smokers who don't have a mood disorder.

Better chance for smoking cessation from exercisers (WebMD)




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