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Obese and overweight are not 'thriving' in their lives

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Data from the Healthways-Gallup Well-Being Index shows those who are “struggling” socially are more likely to be obese and overweight than those who are “thriving.”

Respondents to a study with 80,000 respondents from Jan. 1 to June 23, 2014, answered questions about their relationships, positive energy from family and friends, the ability to go on vacation and having support to be healthy.

Of those in the study who are obese, 36.5% said they were thriving, while 45.2% were described as struggling. For overweight individuals, the numbers were 41.6% and 42.9%, respectively.

“Although these data reveal a clear link between extreme weight and lower social well-being, the direction of the relationship is unclear. It is possible that those who are obese or underweight are less likely to have strong social relationships,” the report said. 

Those struggling more likely to be overweight, obese (Gallup)

2014 Indicator Report n Physical Activity is out

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the 2014 Indicator Report on Physical Activity this week and while there was encouraging news for many states, a few were lagging far behind

Tennessee, Mississippi and West Virginia saw only 15% of its residents meeting physical activity guidelines. Washington, D.C., Alaska and Colorado topped the list with 1 in every 4 meeting the guidelines. Half of the U.S. fell between 20% and 24.9%.

The CDC recommends 30 minutes of activity for five days a week for adults; one hour a day for youth.

"Overall, most states have some supports in place that encourage physical activity, but more work is needed to increase opportunities for people to be physically active in their communities and schools," it said in the CDC's summary of the report.

D.C., Alaska and Colorado tops CDC report on physical activity (Headline and Global News)

Fitness industry gaining interest of private equity firms

A couple years ago most experts in the industry would a guffawed at the idea of health and fitness clubs being the subject of private equity firms’ interest.

But, it is happening. And the main target these days are boutiques.

YogaWorks, with 29 locations, was recently purchased for $45 million. CorePower Yoga is up to 100 sites following 20 news ones following a private-equity investment.

Two of the larger indoor cycling companies – Flywheel and SoulCycle – have private equity companies as investors.

“As select group fitness concepts ramp up expansion plans, we’re seeing limitless appetite from the private-equity community,” said Brian Smith, a managing director with investment bank Piper Jaffray & Co., in a Wall Street Journal story.

Fitness chains being gobbled up by private equity firms (Wall Street Journal)

Many considerations when picking a fitness app

As you have read in the space many times over the past couple years, fitness apps – as well as wearable technology - is all the rage.

And with anything popular, getting in on  the ground floor is not without the likelihood of slip-ups.

With some of the apps costing money, and with most people’s time at a minimum, there is no way you can test them all. Here are a few things to consider before committing to one.

  • Does it keep you interested?
  • Is it connected to your phone?
  • Does it match your skill level?

Make sure you pick the right fitness app for you (US News & World Report)


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The "fittest" state yet 1 in 4 meets recommendations? Alarming that this is our "best"
July 22, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterDebra Atkinson

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