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Navigate social media with next IHRSA webinar

Using social media for your business is like most things in life: you can either be OK at many things or real good at one or two. The question is, what path do you want to go down?

For those who are not adept at popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter, or business up-and-comers Vine and Snapchat, then it is probably best to focus on one or two and get good at it. Then, when you are comfortable with what you are using it might be time to expand.

IHRSA’s next webinar - run by Lindsey Richardson, director of Marketing at Fitness Quest 10 - on Thursday, June 5, 2 to 3 p.m. EST, “Navigate the Social Media Storm: Choosing The Right Social Media Networks for Your Business,” will help guide novices to what is best, and right, for their business. The webinar is sponsored by Cybex.

“There are so many types of social media out there and so many places you can use for your business that it can get confusing,” said Richardson. “There are many questions, like where should you be, what social network should you use and how often you should be on them. This webinar will help you figure out the essentials you need to make the best decision for your business.”

Richardson will explain that it isn’t about being on as many platforms as possible because most clubs don’t have the personnel to accommodate such an undertaking. Just having a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram won’t suffice. There is engaging with members, creating a community, supplying content and generating leads.

Richardson will also delve into some of the roadblocks she has come across for those in the fitness industry, and other industries, and how to get past them.

With Facebook the elder statesman at 10 years old, the majority of social media is relatively new. Those who are adept with the medium are in the Generation X, Y and Z. If you were born before those periods and you are responsible for your club’s social media there is certainly a generation gap that has to be dealt with as many outside of these groups have difficulty accepting this mode of communication and marketing.

Second, personnel and financial roadblocks often come into play. Richardson will go into ways to find answers to these, one of them hiring an intern since social media and digital marketing is part of college curriculum.

Finally, which platform is best? Richardson explains that different options cover different checklists points. She suggests that to start it is best to stick to the one that best suits your company and vision. Then, when you are more comfortable add others.


“My philosophy is to pick one and be consistent with it,” she said. “People constantly read articles and see what others are doing and then they panic (about what they are not doing). If you take time to commit to one and focus on it, you will have more (positive) results from it.”

Another important part of the webinar will be once you have decided on who is tackling your social media and by which means, how can you stand out from your competition. Richardson said that engaging with your audience is the goal, not to always sell and tell about offers. 

“A lot of people think they are supposed to use social media to talk to people instead of engaging. I think that is where they are missing the boat,” Richardson said. “Because they didn’t invest the time to learn about social media they just shout out what they have instead of creating a community and conversation.”


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