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Get an understanding of retention and attrition with free webinar

Retention and attrition are two magical words in the health and fitness club world. One looks at the members leaving your club, while the other is the ability to keep members there and signing them up year in and year out.

If you are able to control both of these numbers in your favor then your bottom line will look mighty fine, with other line items – like non-dues revenue, for example – falling into place.

Numerous reports and research on these subjects are among the many benefits afforded to IHRSA members. Also are free webinars.

On Wednesday, May 21, 11 a.m. to noon (EDT), IHRSA is offering both. Reduce Attrition Using IHRSA Research, presented by Melissa Rodriguez, senior Research manager, is a free webinar that will delve into two free-to-IHRSA members reports – The Member Retention Report and Trend Report – that focus on retention and attrition. The webinar is sponsored by Cybex.

Retention looks into how to engage members in order to keep them happy and continue visiting your club. Attrition is the percentage of members who do not renew their memberships, based on varying factors.

Melissa Rodriguez"Attrition and retention are key metrics to track for the success of a health club business," Rodriguez said. "This webinar will discuss measures that can be used in order to track both as well as insights on how to increase retention and decrease attrition."

The webinar will explain both reports, how to calculate both, how to use the two reports to your advantage, and how to download both.

The IHRSA Trend Report is a quarterly report that tracks membership trends and consumer attitudes towards health club membership. Each quarterly report contains responses and analyses to the following questions: 

1. Are you currently a member of a health club? (A dues paying member with a daily punch, monthly, seasonal, or annual pass.)

2. What keeps you coming back to use the health club you currently belong to?

3. Which of the following are personal goals for using the health club you currently belong to?

4. What keeps you from joining a health club now?

5. Why did you leave/quit your former health club?

The Trend Report interviews former members and ask why they left and what could have changed their mind to leave. From the answers IHRSA devises opportunities and applications to use that are helpful to clubs. There are breakout sections for generational groups, gender and more.

The IHRSA Member Retention Report is a quarterly report designed to help club operators improve efforts around members. The webinar will use information from the Report on why members leave and help attendees understand what can be done to avoid high rates.

“Membership dues, from our data, can be 70% of a clubs’ revenue,” Rodriguez said. The longer you can keep a member you will feel the impact on your bottom line,”

Visit for more information and to register.


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