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Leach will show webinar attendees how to hone Internet marketing skills

Alan Leach during IHRSA/Fitness Brasil Latin American Conference & Trade Show.You can’t argue with the numbers West Wood Clubs in Ireland boasts.

The three-club group saw 54,000 website visits per month in 2013 on its website. From that West Wood receives 960 leads – with name, e-mail and cell phone – which turns into 263 new memberships. The 3,000-plus memberships per year equates to $7.6 million.

Alan Leach is the regional manager at West Wood and his marketing and sales experience is one of the reasons for the clubs’ success. He will lead the next IHRSA Webinar, sponsored by Cybex. “Tools and Strategies to Successful & Profitable Internet Marketing" is Thursday, May 8, 2 to 3 p.m. EST. 

“The general way of marketing hasn’t changed much – you need to get the right message and the right offer to right the people at the right time,” said Leach, a regular presenter at IHRSA Annual International Convention & Trade Show and IHRSA/Fitness Brasil Latin American Conference & Trade Show. “The difference now is there are different mediums. Ten years ago you did advertisements or get your club’s name out there. But the number of segments you can hit was narrow. With Internet marketing, it is a very easy and simple way to target as many segments as you like.”

Leach will mostly cover three aspects of Internet Marketing

  • how to get noticed on Internet searches
  • how to get what you want once they are on your site
  • converting those on your site

The most important part of any campaign is the first step, or the foundation. For Internet Marketing it is getting your website on the first page of results in an Internet search, like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.

Statistics show that the first URL in a search will get 36% of the clicks, followed by the second spot (12%) and third (9.5%). The remaining results battle it out for the remaining 42.5%. And you better hope your club shows up on the first page because any results on page 2 and beyond see less than 1% of the clicks.

A few ways to get to the top of search results are search engine optimization (SEO), pay per clicks (Google ad words), social media and branding of your club. Leach will dive a little deeper in each.

“If anyone in my market is searching (for health-club related services) I want to make sure (West Wood) appears in the search. Whatever the reason is - whether it is in the early stages (of looking for a club) – if they do a search I want ‘West Wood’ to appear.”

Next, once you have the person on your website you want to make sure you have what they are looking for and you get them to do what you hoped when you put the effort in the first step. Leach said the ultimate goal for West Wood is to get the person’s name, e-mail, cell phone and address. This allows them to put it in its database, which is in the millions, and use for future marketing. Another club may have another motive, but, Leach said, make sure you have the information on your website that they searched for. 

He said providing content – information and not a sales pitch or an offer – is vital. He, like any other Internet marketer, stresses to form a relationship with a conversation and providing information, before stuffing something down their throat, will earn trust from a consumer and convert leads into business.

“People pay a fortune for advertising and they have no clue what they get from it. If you use the main marketing tools that are cheap or free, it will be saturated,” Leach said. “If  you can do  Internet marketing well, (your company) will do well.” 

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