Are wearable devices on the rise?
Fri, April 11, 2014 at 15:34
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So, which side are you on as far as wearable devices – emerging or over-hyped. There are certainly camps on both sides.

IDC (International Data Group), a  market research company, thinks it is ready to explode. A report this week thinks sales will triple this year.

"Complex accessories have succeeded in drawing much-needed interest and attention to a wearables market that has had some difficulty gaining traction," IDC analyst Ramon Llamas said in a statement. "The increased buzz has prompted more vendors to announce their intentions to enter this market. Most importantly, end-users have warmed to their simplicity in terms of design and functionality, making their value easy to understand and use."

Meanwhile, Technalysis Research predicts half as many units to be sold in 2014 than IDC suggests.

Wearable fitness technology: boom or bust? (


Instagram of fitness apps

There is a new player in the fitness app game, but this one is more on the realm of Instagram than Fitbit.

FitPic is a fitness photo-sharing app that allows users to send before and after photos as well as tips and techniques to get in shape and stay there. There is also a social media component so you can share to more than only fellow users.

The free app combines showing you and friends how you look as well as getting support to get there.

Share you fitness success with free app (MacMegasite)


Fitness apps and tracking websites

Even though everywhere you turn you see a new fitness app on the market, not as many people use them as you would think.

According to a Nielsen survey, which used information from the Health and Wellness Survey and Connected Life Report, 15% of those contacted said they use a fitness app or tracking website.

Close to 50% of those who use apps and websites said they received insight from online reports. 

About three in every 10 (28%) who use the devices said it was worth the price.

Survey on fitness apps and website (mobilehealthnews)


Top 25 fitness apps

There are so many health and fitness apps that is nearly impossible to decipher which is best for you. 

Thankfully, if you want to track your workouts, see what workout is best for you, have support from peers, or even throw in a dash of competition for money, there are many places to go for research and testimonials.

PC Magazine is about as trustworthy publication as you will find. And, thankfully it has a pretty recent list of top 25 Best Fitness Apps. You will certainly recognize some of the 25 listed, others probably not.

What fitness app is best for you? (PCMag)




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