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Women more apt to try ‘unconventional’ training

If you have taken an “unconventional” fitness class you have noticed it – the unbalanced number of men and women participating.

A former Kettlebell studio owner said in his club he often saw 10 to 1 disparities. And here are his three reasons why women are more willing to take part in unconventional training like high intensity, 

1. Women are tougher than men – men don’t like to look “weak” in the gym and fear so when trying something new.

2. Women are more open than men – Men are happy with tried and true stalwarts in the gym, like weights and resistance training.

3. Women want it more than men – women are more motivated to work out than men.

The club owner’s suggestion for the minority – “Man up!”

Men worried about appearance in intensity training classes (Onnit)

What trainer is best for you?

Most people who join a gym these days are doing more than lifting weights and running on the treadmill. In addition to taking classes, appointments with a personal trainer or taking part in small group training is on the agenda.

But how do you know the person instructing you is the right one? 

The list, comprised by the American Council on Exercise and written on Greatist, includes making sure the trainer is certified, do they track progress, does their coaching style match what you are looking for, and more.

“The best trainers are the ones who love what they do,” said Jessica Matthews, former ACE expert and current assistant professor of Exercise Science at Miramar College in California. “And loving what you do often translates into always wanting to improve and expand your knowledge so you can keep getting better at your job. If your prospective trainer seems less than passionate about continuing his or her education - or thinks that he or she already knows all there is to know about fitness - it's probably a good idea to consider working with someone else.”

Questions to answer when choosing a trainer (Greatist)

Big sell-off for LA Fitness

As part of restructuring in order to reduce its debt, LA Fitness Group is selling off 33 of its 80 locations in the UK.

“It is a structural issue that is hampering LA fitness and it is through this process that we will create a leaner, more operationally efficient business, with a long-term, sustainable future as one of the UK’s leading health and fitness operators,” said LA Fitness Chief Executive Officer Martin Long.
LA Fitness Group is the operator of LA Fitness in the UK and Ireland.

LA Fitness selling more than one-third of UK clubs (Bloomberg)

IHRSA 2014 recaps, roundups and more

IHRSA provided you with possibly more information than you could possible soak in during IHRSA 2014 33rd Annual International Convention & Trade Show, which took place March 12-15 in San Diego. The four-day event was blanketed with photos, video and written coverage of both the convention, trade show and networking events.

But we certainly weren’t the only one putting pen to paper and producing film and tape (OK, antiquated terms from a former journalist). Check out just some of the many recaps, which talk about meetings, steps walked, food and drink consumed, and, most importantly, what they saw and took back from the extremely successful event.

Live Love Spa

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