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Majority rather to be financially healthy than healthy

A recent online poll from the American Consumer Credit Counseling shows two things that many people already know –many Americans care about money and don’t see the importance of being healthy.

More than half of those polled said they are more concerned with the finances than their fitness in 2014. And twice as many they had resolutions to improve their financial health rather than their physical health.

Three out of every 10 in the poll also said they would trade in their physical health for financial well-being.

Poll: Who needs to be healthy if I am rich? (Broadway World)

Parents don’t see obese children as having a problem

Recognizing there is a problem is the first step to rectifying it.

In 69 studies that looked at more than 15,000 youths, half of the parents of children who were considered overweight didn’t think their kids were.

"Previous research has found that when parents' perceptions are corrected, they do start to take action and encourage their children to become more active and maybe turn off the TV and go outside and play," Alyssa Lundahl, who led the study, told Reuters Health.

Lundahl said that parents may be wary of labeling or stigmatizing their child.

Parents need to admit their children are overweight (Reuters)

There appears to be a fitness component to iWatch

There is a lot o buzz and excitement surrounding the rumored Apple iWatch. And that should be music – which the iWatch will have that capability – to fitness enthusiasts’ ears.

There is expected to be a big health and fitness component to the new product. Recently there was a job description online, which has since been taken down, that was looking for someone who can “design and run user studies related to cardiovascular fitness and energy expenditure, including calories burned, metabolic rate, aerobic fitness level measurement/tracking and other key physiological measurements.”

There is still nothing definite on whether the iWatch is a computer, like an iPad, on your wrist, or a fitness band.

iWatch should be coming soon (Pad Gadget)

UtilFIT makes office wellness a game

A wellness company with an office fitness game, designed to get sedentary employees moving throughout the day with challenges, has made some major upgrades.

UtilFIT now has diet challenges to add to weekly progress. On the technical side, there is now an app for iPhone and Android, eliminating the dependence on text messages.

“Most people know diet and exercise are good for you," said Tim Church, FIX's medical advisor, in a Broadway World story. "What most people don't realize is that diet and exercise are only two-thirds of the equation. There is a mounting body of evidence that suggests that too much sitting can kill you.”

Wellness game makes upgrades (Broadway World)

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