Technology changing how we train
Fri, February 28, 2014 at 15:25
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In this age of technology there are many ways to teach your clients. Videos on your website or virtual personal training are two that are gaining plenty of traction.

Technology also allows fitness professionals to be in touch with their clients, without having them come into the club. Texting, Facebook and other social media and are all new ways fitness professional communicate. 

Those in the industry don’t see technology slowing down anytime soon.

"I do think online fitness formats that have social community are successful," said exercise physiologist Jessica Matthews, who recently worked for the American Council on Exercise, in a Chicago Tribune story. "We know that social support is a long-term adherent to social activity."

Of course, it is always smart to meet in person at the start to make sure you are doing certain exercises correctly and certain programs are right for you.

Have computer, can work out (Chicago Tribune)

Snap Fitness owner hopes for a knockout

Fitness founder Peter Taunton has made many correct decisions in his fitness career. He is hoping he is right again in his latest.

Taunton and his partners currently have 100 9Round kickboxing locations. They hope to have 500 or more soon.

9Round, which Taunton owns 40% and has right of refusal to acquire the rest, is under a new parent company, Lift Brands, which oversees Taunton’s expansion of niche studios.

“I told them I could take them from 30 stores to 1,000 stores,” Taunton said in a Minneapolis Star Tribune story. “People today are burning it [personal and business lives] on both ends, and a 30-minute workout is a plus.”

Snap Fitness owner diversifying and expanding (Star Tribune)

Shame on you for missing a workout

Many people need that little push to get going with an exercise regimen. What about an electric shock?

Pavlok, a startup in Boston, is working on a sport writstband that gives you a mild shock when you fitness goals. 

The founder said it is not all about the shock, rather the negative reinforcement that he expects to motivate the user. He mentioned that other wristbands don’t do more than track your workouts.

And don’t think it only recognizes the negative. There are rewards for accomplishments.

Startup working on watch that zaps you for missed workouts (Boston Globe)

New company creates 3D body scans to see body change

Before and after pictures obviously give you a great gauge of how your diet or workouts are going. You can clearly see if your body is changing or not. A new company’s product, created by Virginia Tech students, will be unveiled in select clubs in Virginia that could make before and after pictures obsolete.

VirtualU is a 3D body scanner that is being beta tested in five gyms in the Roanoke area, with hopes of more by spring.

A client creates a profile by getting a scan and then downloads an app or logs in online to view the image of their body. As they continue to get scanned they will see the changes in their body, including measurements.

3D body scans coming to a (Virginia) club near you (Southwest Times)





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