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IHRSA Webinar: working together for non-dues revenue

Competition among clubs in the same part of town can be fierce. Potential clients can certainly feel overwhelmed. Imagine how a current client of your club would feel if they were getting hit from all sides – within the club?

It can happen. Once a member walks through the door, oftentimes they can be bombarded by different departments looking to fill their the non-dues revenue ledger.

March’s webinar, Increase Your Bottom Line Profits: Fusing Small Group Training, Personal Training and Group Exercise, will assist you in making sure all departments work together, for the best of the client and the club.

Jason Mason, Fitness director at Beverly Athletic Club in Beverly, Mass., and NEHRSA board of directors president, will lead the 60-minute discussion on Thursday, Marchh 6, 2-3 p.m.

“Lots of clubs and facilities tend to struggle with how to get (different departments) together,” said Mason. “When I first got here (at Beverly Athletic Club) the departments would fight with each other for revenue.”

Mason explained that when staff work together they can increase the club’s revenue. 

“(Your department) might not get $10, but by working together and getting what is best for the client you may split $20. In the end, everyone wins,” he said. “When you are battling each other it puts a bad taste in the client’s mouth. They feel like you don’t have their best interest in mind.”

Mason explains that creating the right culture in your club is the first step. Then, hire the right people and making sure the programs you are offering in with the culture and staff. It starts with management and then trickles down.

He said a good way to get everyone on the same page is to have employees work, or at least shadow, other departments. It gives them a good idea of what their co-workers do, while also providing back-up in case there is a shortage.

Of course there can be stubborn employees who don’t want to try other positions or don’t subscribe to the company culture. There is an easy fix for that, Mason said.

“If you have employees who are holding you back you have to make the hard decisions to possibly let them go,” he added. “It might be a (tough) few weeks during the transition to a new person but it will get rid of any black clouds in the club.”

Mason plans on covering the following in the webinar:

  • Review your staffing model from the top down and bottom up; and explore quick adjustments you can make to increase financial opportunities.
  • Discover why a free group exercise class can be a feeder for paid programming/training.
  • Learn how to get your staff/departments to work with one another vs. fight for revenue.
  • Gain insight on how to turn a non-revenue program into revenue (small steps to big profits).
  • Discuss what to look for when hiring your staff for this model.

“My hope for the webinar, really, is for people to take a step back and look at how the environment is in their facility,” Mason said. “Opportunities within a club or facility might be missing due to how the staff (is comprised).”

IHRSA webinars are $39 each ($79 non-IHRSA members) and may be ordered individually or as a series. Visit for more information.

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