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No slacking off when working out with a partner

Accountability is very important for those who struggle to hit the gym and workout on a consistent basis. That is why many studies have shown that working out with a partner can increase productivity and results. 

It’s not about catching a ride with a friend and then meeting up. Separate workouts don’t necessarily spur results. Working out together can be the overriding factor between a so-so workout and feeling the burn.

Here are some great buddy workouts to consider:

Band Sprints – Have the runner put bands around their waist and have them do sprints while their partner is holding the ends of the bands.

Lunge to Chest Pass – Stand a few feet apart and with a medicine ball lunge toward your partner and then throw a chest pass to them. Then the partner does the same thing.

Partner Mirror Image – Both stand on a BOSU and one does exercises - like squats, standing on one leg,etc. – while the other tries to copy them and keep up.

Double the fun, and results, in pairs (Greatist)

Nexersys swims with the sharks

Nexersys Owner and CEO Terry Jones was on “Shark Tank” a couple weeks ago pitching his company’s products with the hope to land an investor.

Jones brought along Marlen Esparza, who graced the cover of IHRSA’s magazine, CBI, last year. 

The equipment is part video game and part trainer; Jones calls “exergaming.” 

Nexersys on “Shark Tank” (Shark Tank blog)

Old students can help younger ones become healthy

Some schools have mentor programs where older students help the younger student assimilate. So, why not a program that does the same with living healthy.

The Health Buddies program paired students and the older ones taught the younger kids about healthy foods, physical activity and positive body image.

A study related to the program showed that the children lost weight and improved their self-esteem.

Help your buddy improve their weight, self-esteem (Reuters)

LA Fitness raising money for Augie's Quest

LA Fitness is a large chain. And with so many locations it has the ability to do things big.

That is the thinking behind an upcoming fundraiser that will support Augie’s Quest. The foundation, named for Augie Nieto - founder of Life Fitness and a fitness industry legend - hopes to find a cure of ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, which Nieto is has battled it for eight years.

On Feb. 22, members and non-members can participate in classes for a $5 donation that will go to Augie’s Quest.

Also, if you are in the San Diego in the middle of March, Augie’s Bash is again happening during the IHRSA 33rd Annual International Convention & Trade Show, with Smash Mouth performing.

Raise money for Augie’s Quest at LA Fitness (OC Business Journal)



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