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Should we stretch?

Before a workout. When you finish. And, sometimes, during your routine.

The question? When do you stretch?

Probably not surprisingly, there are different camps on when to stretch, and even if stretching helps with avoiding injuries or strengthen muscles.

An exercise physiologist with the American College of Sports Medicine says studies show stratic stretching – holding it for 30-60 seconds – may weaken muscles.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends adults engage in flexibility training a minimum of twice a week.

Jessica Matthews, formerly with the American Council on Exercise, said there is no clear-cut data.

"We all agree on a dynamic warm-up," she said in a Reuters story, "(But) research on stretching for injury prevention is still not conclusive enough to make that correlation. There isn't clear-cut evidence to support one thing or another."

Benefits of stretching (Reuters)

Workouts don’t have to take vacation at Disney

Taking the family to Disney but you fear you won’t get the workout you are accustomed to at home?

“Magical Miles: The Runner’s Guide to Walt Disney World” is a new guide for runDisney, the park’s running program. It gives you tips for race at Disney as well as running around the massive area.

Run while at Disney (PR Log)

Arnold acting up again

Arnold Schwarzenegger dipped back into the acting gig recently when he pretended to be a personal fitness director and regional manager at a Venice, Calif., Gold's Gym.

He wasn't doing it for awards, recognition or pay. He is trying to raise awareness and money for the After-School All-Stars Charity, which provides after-school programs.

Some figured him out, others not-so-much as they went along with some of his zany comments and requests.

Schwarzenegger pretends to be Gold’s Gym employee (Yahoo!) 

What campaigns work targeting the obese?

Hardcore anti-smoking campaigns have resulted in many quitters. The United Kingdom is thinking about the hard-hitting tactic targeting eating habits of the obese.

The stumbling block, however, in both the UK and the United States, is not to make those who are being targeting feel bad about themselves and lower self-esteem and confidence.

"Campaigns that focus primarily on body weight, or the number on the scale, or used hard-hitting controversial approaches to get attention were messages that tended to blame or stigmatize people for their weight," says Rebecca Puhl, deputy director at the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University. "Those were not found to be effective."

UK considering hard-hitting obesity campaigns (BBC)



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