Go M.A.D. Fitness cruising in first year
Mon, August 19, 2013 at 21:00
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Go M.A.D. Fitness

Owner: Jason Reinhardt
Location: Monroe, MI
Number of members:  1,100
Employees: 4 front desk, 4 personal trainers and group fitness instructors
Year opened:  May 2013
Website: www.gomadfitness.com


Club vision/mission statement: Our mission is to be the community's catalyst to make that difference by offering fitness, nutrition and exercise programs.  We believe that every individual has the capacity to improve their health and wellness.

Classes: M.A.D. Yoga, M.A.D. Total Body, M.A.D. Zumba, M.A.D. Intervals, M.A.D. Kickboxing, M.A.D. Endurance, M.A.D. Bootcamp, M.A.D. Cardio, M.A.D. Total body circuit, M.A.D. Body Sculpt

Offerings: Free weights, strength training, group fitness, cardio with cardio theater, smoothie bar with wi-fi, full service locker room with sauna, M.A.D. Fit room with classes similar to CrossFit, personal training, friendly staff, silver sneakers, youth programs

Innovative ideas at club: Every new member receives a free hour with a nationally certified personal trainer to help accelerate their results when they join.  Partnered with local doctors and physical therapy facilities to refer over their patients to help with a healthy and fit community. 

Where you hope the club will be in 5 years?: In five years I hope to have franchised the name and have a Go M.A.D. Fitness in a neighborhood near you helping as many people make a difference in their life.

Area in which you would be of assistance for networking: All aspects of the business with a strength in sales, leadership, marketing, team building, recruiting and training. info@gomadfitness.com

Describe area/community club is in: Southeast Michigan, near Lake Erie in Monroe Michigan. A hard-working community where many people have been here all their life.

Smoothie bar at Go M.A.D. FitnessDo you have any community outreach programs?: We are a proud sponsor for the Special Olympics weight lifters and power lifters. Many of their athletes train here. Daily marketing efforts handing out VIP passes, making personal invites into the club.  Partnering with local businesses to promote Go M.A.D. Fitness to their customers. Having the doctors and local physicians refer Go M.A.D. Fitness to their patients since we are the premier health club in Monroe serving the community.

Famous former or current members: N/A

How long have you been a member of IHRSA and what IHRSA programs have you instituted and events have you attended?: I have been a speaker the last 2 years at the IHRSA convention and plan on speaking in March as well. I also did a webinar for IHRSA last October. I have been a part of IHRSA through companies I've worked for over the last 15 years but joined as an owner last month!

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