Market for HIIT, endurance event training is on fire
Wed, July 24, 2013 at 16:42
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KB USA KettleBellsIf the masses are flocking to a specific trend then it goes without saying that there are also companies supplying equipment to fuel the fire.

Needless to say, the high intensity interval training, and, directly related, endurance event craze, has spurred new and exciting equipment. Both well-established industry veterans and newcomers to the dance have provided the oxygen, kindling and fuel necessary to keep the blaze roaring. 

And you can certainly guess that the bottom line is burning up.

“Sales have definitely been growing and we have been able to reach out to new market segments,” said Amber Shaputis, Marketing director at MoveStrong Functional Fitness Equipment. “That is a plus. We are certainly getting more exposure. The demand is there.”

MoveStrong’s line of Functional Training Stations incorporates standard fitness accessories and functional training tools to provide an all-around workout. Options like strength logs, ply-boxes, training ropes, gymnastic rings, medicine balls, resistance bands and more allow for a well-rounded workout.


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Clubs cater workouts

MoveStrong just unveiled its outdoor model, the T-Rex. It is completely customized for exactly what a club is looking to provide for its membership.

“We didn’t actually decide to go after (the HIIT and endurance event) market. We weren’t trying to cater to the new craze and trend of adventure races,” Shaputis added. “It’s the way (MoveStrong) has always trained. All of the elements of these races – strength, endurance – all of what you need to train you can do on the FTS model.”

It was a natural progression to be the place where people train for some of the equipment companies since they had been providing the equipment and training long before there was a Spartan Race or Tough Mudder.

TRX Rip TrainerFor example, TRX has trained many soldiers in the United States, and kettlebells was created for Russian military as well as currently used by American soldiers. And since some of these new events were actually spawned from military training and use the same obstacles, it has been a no-brainer for many.

“We (at TRX) don’t think it’s surprising that our sales have increased – we have functional training equipment uniquely for the obstacles encountered in these races,” said Andrew Vontz, director of online content at TRX. “You need to use your body in every range of motion. Our Suspension Rip Trainer leverages users’ body weight … in ways in every day life and sport. Any obstacle – whether you are going under barbed wire or over walls – these are all movements you can (work on with) TRX equipment.”

Kennedy Miller, president, KB USA Fitness Products, producer of KettleBells, explained that his partner has been using kettlebells for training for a decade. And you’d be hard-pressed to find someone training for the Tough Mudder or Spartan Race and not using a form of kettlebells.

“This doesn’t surprise us at all. We’ve known about the use of kettlebells for a number of years. My partner (Alex King) trained in Russian martial arts. So, he’s used this type of equipment for years.”

Of course, there are many other companies out there thriving. Life FitnessHoist, CrossCore, TuffStuff Fitness Equipment, and Cybex have functional training systems, while Hyperwear offers a variety of products that will enhance any interval workout.

King, vice president, said since kettlebells are so popular to get ready for a wide variety of races and events, his next logical step is to partner with some of them in order for a larger presence of KB USA Fitness Products. He said partnering, sponsoring and providing workouts designed for specific events – Spartan Race and some of the variety of Red Bull-sponsored events – are considerations.

MoveStrong T-Rex“I don’t think KettleBells will change too much, as far as the design. But we would definitely like to co-brand with some of these races and have a presence there,” King said. 

We’d like to build a relationship with different organizations. We don’t want KettleBells to become a fad,” said Miller. “They should be a staple in any gym in America.”

TRX has already done just that. It is the official training provider for the Men’s Health Urbanathlon – a Tough Mudder without the mud that takes place throughout a city.

“We are uniquely positioned to provide these type of programs,” Vontz said. “We were born in the Navy Seals and we have a continued relationship with the military. We are definitely an expert in preparing people for obstacle races.”

If HIIT training and endurance events continue to interest everyone from the couch potato to the fitness enthusiast, companies that already provide the equipment to excel, as well as new ones on the horizon, will prosper like the events and training themselves.

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