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NYC mayor urging use of stairs

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is at it again attempting to make the Big Apple a healthy place to live.

His regulation on size of soft drinks certainly received the most attention, but in his 12 years initiatives like banning smoking in public places, the elimination of trans fats in restaurant food, and calories in meals listed on food chains’ menus, has been followed by many cities.

Next up is urging the use of stairs instead of an elevator. He issued an executive order requiring city agencies promote stair use. He also has two bills that would increase visibility and access to staircases in new buildings, as well as prominent signage.

ACE reviews three gadgets

With a new fitness gadget or app on the market every week, it is tough to decipher what is best, a copycat or just not right for you.

One trusted and reliable source is The American Council on Exercise (ACE), which will give an honest review that is not swayed by manufacturers or businesses.

Recently ACE posted a story about three fitness gadgets “you should know about.” - Under Armour’s Armour39, Basis and FitBit Flex.

Let’s fight epidemic together

Childhood obesity is a serious issue. Regular readers of knows that.

A study that is proving that working together as a community can help the fight is MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do It). Fitness professionals trained as health coaches presented a 24-sessions curriculum to children and families in communities and schools. This resulted in waist decreases, lowering of BMI, cardiovascular fitness improvements, fitness level increases and better self-esteem.

The column urges those in the industry to get on board. We all know that in thousands of instances that is already the case. But, that doesn’t mean more can’t jump on the bandwagon.

Today’s workout – popping a pill

Two recent studies suggest that possibly, in the maybe not-to-distant future, we can get the benefits of exercise without actually working out. How? In a pill!

Of course, this isn’t to say that it would be the smartest way to “exercise.”

The most recently published study showed, in mice, increase energy exerted and weight loss due to proteins being released.

The second study saw new mitochondria in certain muscle cells when they increased doses of resveratrol -  the chemical found in grape skin and red wine.

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