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Demystify workout myths

Myths have been around since the start of time. Whether it is folklore, old wives tales and the like, someone claims something and a week later the tale has grown to, well, mythical proportions. I am sure that is how the idea that the earth was flat and if you sailed too far you would drop off the edge was started.

The fitness industry is not immune to this. There are myths abound - working with weights will make you jacked, or 1,000 crunches will give you 6-pack abs.

The Washington Post came up with its top 10 exercise myths.

Not all advice is safe

In a similar vein to the top myths in the previous story, dangerous advice is something else to watch out for.

Sometimes, not often but it can happen, a trainer can give bad suggestions. Maybe the ideas work for more experienced people or ones who are in tip-top shape.

Some of them include, “Go big or go home” and “Push through the pain.”

Soda ban would target the right people

A recent study demystifies two myths many associate with a ban on certain sizeas of sodas.

A study by Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health found that regulating the size of soft drinks would have the biggest impact on overweight youth an young adults. Also found was that new limits would not disproportionately affect poorer people.

"We want to target the right people, and want it so it's not unfairly targeted at, for example, resource-poor communities," said Dr. Y. Claire Wang, who worked on the study, in a Reuters story.

New York City is attempting to pass a ban on the size of sodas sold in the city, while the beverage industry is fighting it.

Bricks and mortar location for exercise ideas

Even a 6-year-old can look online to find an answer to a question. That would different health options. However, by clicking and typing the child, or anyone, wouldn’t be getting any health benefits.

In order to get people off of the couch, and to present them with different options and advice to get healthier, York, England has opened Just 30 Express in its city.

The bricks and mortar establishment in the downtown area is a way to encourage its residents to do 30 minutes of physical activity a day. In addition to ideas and suggestions there are also deals deals, guest passes to clubs and more, in order to entice residents to get in better shape.

Be sure to catch fitness app by Tony Gonzalez

It is not unusual for famous people to diversify. It can be something they have always wanted to do or just taking advantage of their fame in order to be known as doing something else.

Creating and starring in a fitness app probably hasn’t been attempted by many. However, future hall of famer Tony Gonzalez of the NFL Atlanta Falcons has unveiled FitStar: Tony Gonzalez. The free app features 60 workouts by the fitness fiend.

This is not his first foray into fitness as he wrote a book, “The All-Pro Diet.”


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