Learn more about member loyalty survey during webinar
Thu, June 13, 2013 at 16:20
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Preliminary IHRSA member loyalty survey scores show that North American fitness clubs favor well.

The ongoing health club industry Member Loyalty / Net Promoter Score (NPS) study came back with a score of 43 - for every 100 North American club members, there are 43 more promoters than detractors. Promoters are respondents who are likely to recommend their club to friends, colleagues, and family members. Detractors are unlikely to recommend their club and may actually discourage others from joining.

The study, conducting in partnership with The Retention People, is ongoing and is free to IHRSA members. The more clubs that take part, the more accurate and the more analytics we will get out of it.

IHRSA and TRP are co-hosting a free webinar to further explain the study, the meaning of the scores and how taking part in the study, as well as the results, can benefit clubs. Measuring Member Loyalty: Benchmarking Your Club Using IHRSA Research, takes place on Thursday, June 20, 2 to 3:30 p.m.

 Melissa Rodriguez, IHRSA senior Research Manager, and Phil Bonomo, director of The Retention People, North America, will touch on the following subjects:

“The NPS survey continues IHRSA’s longstanding tradition of industry benchmarking,” said Jay Ablondi, IHRSA executive vice president of global products. “The Net Promoter Score is widely recognized as a critical benchmark to measure customer loyalty in other industries. Beyond establishing a benchmark to compare their scores against, the NPS will also help club operators better understand and facilitate member loyalty.”

Currently more than 30 club companies representing 200 fitness locations contributed responses from 16,500 health club members, with scores ranging from 77 to -20 for individual facilities. 


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