Webinar will help increase personal trainer bottom line
Tue, April 9, 2013 at 14:13
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Personal trainers at a health club offer so many positives that in most instances it is business suicide to not offer this money-making and member-attracting segment. 

Personal trainers not only can bring in extra money from your members, a good group can bring in new members through word-of-mouth and position you as the go-to place for individuals in training, rehab or needing an extra push from someone who can point them in the right direction. 

IHRSA’s next webinar, Personal Training – Developing a Million Dollar Business, sponsored by Cybex, is Thursday, April 11, from 2 to 3:30 p.m., focuses on this area.  Cost is $39 for members, $79 for non-members. 

Jen Poljacik is the perfect person to lead the 90-minute discussion. The COO of River Valley Club and co-owner of Movement Training Specialist, she has led River Valley Club's personal training program into the top revenue-producing program in New England. The club made $2 million in personal training revenue in 2011 despite only around 2,000 members.  

She will cover the following:

To register and to see upcoming IHRSA webinars, go to www.ihrsa.org/webinars.

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