Scosche FIT Profit Center helps both you and your members achieve your goals
Thu, March 14, 2013 at 11:13
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This post is sponsored by Scosche Industries, Inc.:

Adding a new dynamic to your member’s workouts will give them a better gym experience. At the same time, you can increase your non-dues revenue with eye-catching products. The Scosche FIT Profit Center aims to please you and your members.  

As members continue to achieve their workout goals, it’s only natural that going to the gym can become monotonous. The Scosche FIT Profit Center from Scosche contains everything your members need to refresh their workout regimen: app-powered heart rate monitors, headphones optimized for gym use, armband cases and more.  

What Your Members Are Looking For:

The Fitness app landscape is growing at an amazing rate (142 million app downloads are estimated by 2016 globally). Health club members are bringing their smart devices with them to for measuring fitness progress (heart rate, calories burned, etc) and entertainment (music, e-books, TV shows). Because of this, members are looking for accessories and other tools that make their devices even smarter. As a result, owners now have the opportunity to offer solutions that can transform a member’s smartphone into a new workout tool.  

What You (The Owner) Are Looking For:

Owners spend countless hours researching new techniques, products and services that can increase non-dues revenue. Creating a portfolio of products that can meet the needs of your members can prove to be a time-consuming task. The Scosche FIT Profit Center aims to deliver everything you need for a sound return on investment while improving your member’s gym experience.  

App-Powered Heart Rate Monitors Help Members Find Their RHYTHM:

Every person who walks into the gym wants to see results. To ensure a maximized workout, monitoring intensity is essential. The RHYTHM heart rate monitor attaches to your forearm (as opposed to traditional chest straps) and works with a smartphone app to manage heart rate, calories, distance, speed and music.  Never miss a beat of your workout - control music wirelessly from the armband itself (play, pause, track up/down, volume). RHYTHM also minimizes the need for bringing a watch or using a bulky chest strap.

Comfortable Headphones Create A New Workout Atmosphere:

Take a moment and think about how many of your members are wearing headphones in the club.  Music helps motivate us with every note, beat and hook. This sonic atmosphere creates a better gym experience – resulting in improved workouts and happy members. Scosche FIT Profit Center includes thudBUD sport headphones – complete with comfortable earhooks for a secure fit and 10.5mm dynamic drivers for striking sound.  

Armbands and Cases Add Minimal Bulk While Providing Maximum Protection:

Along with headphones, many members are looking for something to keep their smartphone safely attached and protected while working out. soundKASE is an ultra-light armband case that fits comfortably around small or large arms. Neoprene material breathes well during strenuous exercise while the innovative built-in screen protector allows you to still tap and swipe without any difficulty.  

All of the above products (and more) are available with the Scosche FIT Profit Center. This retail solution introduces an opportunity for health club owners to increase non-dues revenue while offering a new dynamic to their members.  Achieve your goals while your members achieve their own. 

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