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Trade show profile: Xercise Lab

Xercise Lab will be traveling lite to its first IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show. But just because it won't have bright lights and shiny equipment on the trade show floor, it doesn't mean the product doesn't pack a punch.

Of course that happens when your product is a choreographed program that is licensed to clubs. With routines for cardio intervals, body weight training, interval training in the pool, and more, there will be plenty club owners and managers stopping by to see what Xercise Lab has to offer.

Read on to see what Xercise Lab has to say about its inaugural event.


Company name: Xercise Lab

Booth: 2416

Location: Corporate headquarters in Palo Alto, CA


Years at IHRSA trade show: this is our first year!

Primary company products: We offer five unique pre-choreographed formats designed for men, women and children. We license our programs to health clubs all over the world, giving them the exclusive rights to teach Xercise Lab programming within their chosen territory.

Specific products to be showcased: Burn Lab (cardio intervals), Build Lab (body weight training), Restore Lab (athletic stretching), Recess Lab (cardio & strength for kids ages 4-12) and H2O Lab (interval training in the pool).

Anything new to be unveiled?: Everything we are unveiling is brand new. This is our first year at IHRSA and we just started licensing programming in November of 2012.

What do you hope to achieve at IHRSA trade show?: We will be teaching all of our formats at IHRSA.  We are teaching 2 classes every morning beginning at 6:30 am Tuesday-Friday and we are also teaching our H2O Lab class in the Mandalay pool on Wednesday night at 7 pm.  We are excited to show club owners our programming so they can evaluate whether or not we are appropriate for their membership.

How many boxes/pounds of equipment will you be bringing?: All of our programs use no equipment.  

What giveaways will you have?: We have high-end, unisex leather bracelets that we will be giving out to everyone who attends our morning exercise classes and we have glow in the dark t-shirts we will be handing out to everyone who attends our night-time H2O Lab class at the Mandalay pool.

What will be the most exciting part of your booth?: Learning about our five unique formats!

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