IHRSA report delves into compensation and benefits
Thu, February 21, 2013 at 15:47
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Whether it is the first time you are getting it or tenth, the 2013 IHRSA Employee Compensation & Benefits Report will provide invaluable information. 

In addition to more than 100 North American clubs’ salary and information data – a great way to monitor your numbers to comparable facilities – and information on 50 different job titles, new this year to the report is a breakdown by type of club. The new feature will also allow for comparisons of similar clubs, with the following filters: Independent, Part of a chain, Franchise, Fitness-only, and Multipurpose. 

“Historically, payroll is one of the largest expenses for health clubs,” said Jay Ablondi, IHRSA's executive vice president of Global Products. ‘”However, investing wisely in the recruitment and retention of star employees is often what distinguishes very successful clubs from the average performers. The 2013 IHRSA Employee Compensation & Benefits Report provides valuable compensation data characteristic of leading clubs, against which club operators can measure their own practices.” 

There is also a section on the outlook on compensation and unemployment. A recent survey said salary increases are again expected to be modest in 2013. 

“The employment outlook looks promising for health clubs as unemployment rates gradually fall and the industry continues to grow,” said Melissa Rodriguez, IHRSA’s senior research manager. “As the economy continues to improve, health club operators may hire additional employees to administer non-dues programs and grant larger pay increases in order to retain loyal staff.” 

The 2013 IHRSA Employee Compensation & Benefits Report is based on voluntary survey data provided by leading IHRSA member clubs in the United States and Canada. The report provides compensation information for senior management/corporate staff, salaried club-level employees, and hourly club-level employees. Salary information for job titles is provided by geographical region, club type, and size in total annual revenues.  

The 2013 IHRSA Employee Compensation & Benefits Report is available at ihrsa.org/compensation-report. The PDF can be purchased either in full for $399.95 ($199.95 for IHRSA members) or in three separate parts for $149.95 each ($79.95 each for IHRSA members). Online access to searchable salary information by job titles is available exclusively to survey participants.

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