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Study: many don’t connect fitness and health

A new survey shows that not all exercise enthusiasts are also knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition. 

Those surveyed work out at least three times a week. While most attain their fitness goals, 4 out of every 5 said they don’t do as well when it comes to eating well after working out. 

Abbott’s EAS Sports Nutrition survey shows that most people don’t see the correlation between fitness and health. 

Some of the findings:

  • Almost all respondents (98 percent) said they were looking to improve how they felt post-workout in some way, including wanting more energy (42 percent), and less muscle soreness and fatigue (52 percent)
  • While 72 percent of fitness enthusiasts know that post-workout nutrition helps restore energy, only one in three recognized that it also helps to decrease muscle breakdown (32 percent) 


NY high court rules in favor of club in AED lawsuit

A New York court this week ruled that the state's AED statute, which requires certain health clubs to have an AED and trained user onsite, does not create an affirmative duty to use the AED in the event of a cardiac emergency. 

The Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court, made the ruling during a negligence suit when a Long Island club did not use the device when an employee saw the man breathing.

Judge Susan Read wrote that the law “does not create a duty running from a health club to its members to use an AED.”

The ruling is consistent with IHRSA's position that AED statutes should not create additional liability exposure for health clubs.  

College student runs fitness consulting business, too

It may not turn into the Facebook of fitness consulting, but Jordan Syatt appears to be going down a similar path to Mark Zuckerberg. 

Zyatt, who is from Massachusetts and attends the University of Delaware, has run an online personal training company for two years, starting when he was 19. 

Like the Facebook founder, many of Syatt’s clients are college students who find the online consulting perfect for their busy schedules.  

Gold’s Gym: Beware of the fitness cliff

With the fiscal cliff avoided, Gold’s Gym said there is a new “cliff” to worry about: the fitness cliff.

The fitness industry giants said that Feb. 7 is the date people start to lose steam on their fitness New Year’s resolutions. It came up with that date after checking attendance patterns from a three-year period. 

Even though the date has passed, the gym came up with a list of signs that your resolution is in danger of slipping and tips to get back on the treadmill, so to speak.  

And, don't forget about all of the other industry news in the IHRSA blog throughout the week. 


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