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Achieving goals helps your relationships and confidence

We all know the health benefits of exercise. A recent study shows that completing fitness programs gives you confidence, better sex, and makes you happier.

The results showed that more than half (54%) of the respondents were happier.

The Harris Interactive poll, on behalf of, also tracked why those who were unable to complete a program or a goal. The overriding reason was improper motivation (53%). Also, goals set too high, too expensive, and the program too difficult were reasons given.

Harris poll: with completion of goals comes confidence (Market Watch)

Health and wellbeing in 2014 in Canada

A few from GoodLife – a very prevalent chain of clubs in Canada – was among the experts interviewed for predictions of health and wellbeing for those “north of the border,” as us Americans refer to Canadians.

David Patchell-Evans, or “Patch” as he is known to many, made one of the boldest predictions. He said the trend of “aggressive fitness routines” will be toned down and “simplified.” He also feels machines will make a comeback.

Maureen Hagan, vice president of Operations at GoodLife, feels small equipment like foam rollers, balls, balance equipment, straps, etc., will become even more popular.

Another VP at GoodLife, Michele Colwell, feels specialized training, like for older adults, rehabilitation, etc., will see an uptick.

Predictions for Canada (Broadway World)

Stake in Snap Fitness for sale

The private equity firm with stake in Snap Fitness has put up its shares.

Summit Partners is sure to come out better than it was when it bought the minority stake in 2008. Since then, Snap Fitness has 33% more locations (more than 2,100) and earlier this year it bought a chain of boutique clubs in Minnesota, which has since opened 24-hour locations.

Snap Founder and CEO Peter Taunton said the chain’s operations will not be affected by the sale.

Private equity firm selling shares in Snap Fitness (Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal)

Great workout, your insurance premiums are now lower

Watch out, the data on your fitness tracker could be used against you. Or, looking from a positive point of view, it can work in your favor.

Health insurance companies could start utilizing the information from the thousands of apps and fitness accessories.

“We’re in a very big, sweeping change in the insurance industry right now,” says Missy Krasner, a special adviser on the digital health-care industry for California-based investment firm Canvas Venture Fund. “Insurance companies are going to have to start getting creative.”

Insurance companies may use fitness apps to figure out rates (Toronto Globe and Mail)

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