Opinions on top fitness industry trends differ
Fri, December 13, 2013 at 15:40
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It’s the end of the year, so not only is it time to look back on 2013 but also look ahead to 2014. So, we must look at what might be all the rage next year.

Here are a couple top 2014 trends lists found around the ‘Net:

SurfSet, Les Mills makes Globenewsnet list

ACSM: HIIT, educated professionals

Huffington Post includes CrossFit and combination classes


Fitness industry job prospects

So you have been working in a health and fitness club for years but you now want to take the next step and become a manager. If you are looking for an additional edge, hitting the books and going back to college may be the answer.

And numbers coming out of the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics show going back to school is a good investment. For 2012, the BLS shows the average operational managers in fitness and recreational sports industry was almost $80,000. 

If management isn’t your thing, the BLS states that the growth for fitness trainers and instructors to increase by 24 percent, which is higher than other industries.

Career in the fitness industry is not a bad move (Web College Search)

The great debate – cardio vs. weight training

A new study out looks at what is better, weights or cardio. While the study was small and specific – 44 obese female youths – the results could be useful.

The participants were split into three groups – aerobic exercise, resistance exercise and no exercise. There was no weight loss for any of the groups (the exercisers did one hour, three times a week). However, the aerobic group saw drops in liver fat and visceral fat, while improvements were found in insulin sensitivity.

Study looks at cardio vs. weights (The Great Fitness Experiment)

Class brings you back to days on the playground

Who doesn’t wish they were a kid on a playground. Unbridled energy and no a worry in the world is not a bad way to be.

Reebok Sports Club/NY has taken that youthful energy into the club with Recess, its Sunday morning class.

The class, which includes relay races and hopscotch, is intended, according to the instructor, to get the body moving in many different directions while increasing the heart rate. Hmm, just like grade school days.

Tag, you’re it (DNA Info New York)


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