Tennis scoring an ace with children in Wales
Fri, November 8, 2013 at 15:38

Andy Murray won Winbledon in 2013For those not familiar with Wales in the UK you probably wouldn’t guess that tennis is the third most popular sport among children.

According to recent research fom Sport Wales, one in three youth played tennis outside of school. 

With the new-found popularity – in some part attributed to Englishman Andy Murray, who recently became the first man from the UK to capture Wimbledon in 76 years – the country plans on amping up the amount of tennis taught and played in schools.

The study also uncovered tennis as one of the sports children would like to play more.

Tennis now behind soccer and swimming (New Wales)


Company that owns Curves to buy Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is set to be acquired by North Castle Partners. That will put the iconic weight loss brand under the same roof of Curves International, making an unique wellness company offering both diet and fitness options together.

North Castle is a private equity firm specializing in health, wellness and active companies. It had acquired Curves in 2012.

"The Jenny Craig and Curves brands will continue to operate independently and provide health, fitness and weight loss solutions to different consumer segments," said Jon Canarick, North Castle managing director, in a press release. "We believe the two brands give us a unique opportunity to meet the distinct needs of consumers and provide an unmatched consumer value proposition."

Jenny Craig sold (PR Newswire)


Workouts when you are sick

In our part of the world we are starting to see the mercury dip – as is half of the world. With that comes the sniffles, sore throats and incessant coughing. 

Gym Junkies, a website committed to giving the best workout and weight loss advice, has come up with a list of workouts to do when you are under the weather. 

Because, we know no one, especially junkies, want to miss a workout. If you can drag yourself out of bed you can work up a sweat, even a slight one.

Included in the options is yoga, an obvious choice as it provides “natural maintenance.”

Low-impact workouts for when you are under the weather (Gym Junkies)


Health and fitness major at UM

The University of Michigan is starting a new major that will help fulfill a growing need for a population is seeing more chronic diseases and is becoming more obese.

The new health and fitness major will cater to students interested in jobs in recreation, personal training, corporate wellness, coaching and health promotion.

Classes will include biomechanics of sport, the psychological aspects of sports and exercise, and managerial ethics in the sport and fitness industries.

New major to focus on out-of-shape population (WXZY ABC-TV)


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