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Many new offerings at Reebok Sports Club Serrano 

Reebok Sports Club Madrid, Serrano

Owners: Antonio Saínz, Carlos Saínz, Bruno Entrecanales
Location: Madrid, Spain
Employees: approximately 125
Number of members: approximately 3,500
Year opened: May 2000


Those who are attending the IHRSA European Congress in a couple weeks in Madrid will have the opportunity to tour a few of the local health clubs to see what their peers have to offer.

One of the stops is Reebok Sports Club Madrid, Serrano, where if it wasn’t for what is inside then the city views would easily be the highlight of the space.

A new fitness room is now available for the many classes, many of the Reebok branded. Also relatively new is the Technogym ARTIS equipment, which allows members to use the interactive console to keep track of training programs, data, apps social media and more. And, the club can keep the member abreast with message systems.

Read on for a Q&A with Reebok Sports Club Madrid, Serrano.

Classes: ABD, Bodytonic, Cardiotonic, Cycle Pro, Fitness, GAP, GAP- Stretch, Glúteos, Jukari Fit To Fly (until Dec 2013), RSC Kettlebells, Jukari Fit to Flex (until Dec2013), Kickbox Training, Power Xtreme, Reebok Core Training, Reebok Easy Jump, Rep Reebok, Stretching, Workout, Twist & Waist, Strip Dance, RSC Suspension Training, Mat Pilates, Cycle Reebok, Cycle Triatllon, RSC Training, Running Class, Ski Fit, Cycle Race, Aerodance, Broadway Ballet, Dance Style, Latino, Reebok Flexible Strength, Step Reebok, Zumba, Lyrical Dance, Swimming, Water& Fun, Yoga, Power Yoga, Reeducación Postural, Meditación Activa Climbing

Offerings: VIP locker room, parking, swimming pool, climbing wall, sauna, steam bath, hydrotherapy, restaurant, sports shop, SPA (treatments), boxing, kinesis, Pilates, fitness room, group classes, solarium, fisiotherapy, nutritionist, sportive medicine,

Innovative ideas at club: We grow through innovation. We did so with Personal Training many years ago, we have in the near past within the Optimal Health and performance area and our Health and Wellness programs developed and recently during this 2013, even under the crisis turmoil, RSC has been able to reinvent the core of the facility, our fitness room, merging design and technical innovation. We have accomplished a huge investment to create a more friendly and wireless technology environment for our members, with the help of the well known architect Teresa Sapey, where we have incorporated the new Technogym ARTIS equipment and all its connectivity possibilities: we are now able to communicate with all of our members on a two-way direction and online improving service and felling of attendance.

Where you hope the club will be in 5 years?: We will keep on the top in Madrid, leading the sector as trend setters, being concerned about wellness and how to improve quality of life for all of our members.

Area in which you would be of assistance for networking: personal training, development of wellness programs, connectivity, websites, social media. and

Famous former or current members: relevant lawyers, bankers and politicians

How long have you been a member of IHRSA and what IHRSA programs have you instituted and events have you attended?: Member since the beginning in 2000. We have been to San Diego, San Francisco, Milan and Barcelona with IHRSA

What are some of the parts of the club you are most excited about showing on the European Congress tour?: Our new fitness room and the stunning high rise views from within the city.

What do you think tour attendees’ impressions and thoughts will be of the club?: What a welcoming and friendly club in the core of the financial area in Madrid, holding so many services so integrated and added value. Really high-tech positioned considering the last and new ways of communication.


And, a special extra IHRSA Member Profile will appear next week with Reebok Sports Club La Finca.

IHRSA features a different member club each month. To be considered, e-mail


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