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Resolutions can vary when they are fitness- and health-related 

When was the last time you heard this phrase, “New Year’s resolution”? What, 5 minutes ago? Maybe 10? 

Whether it is when you venture on the web in the last week of December or most of January, the person who asks you what is yours when you go to fill your water bottle at work, or the people in front of you in line at the local coffee shop asking each other what they vow to do this year, it is inevitable not to hear those words. 

Of course, when it comes to a fitness-related resolution, there are many you hear and read. There can those that start simple like joining a gym, losing 10 pounds, or start to run. For the part of the population that has crossed that off the list in previous years there are more daring might opt to say they will run a 5K or get to the gym five days a week. Then there are those who need to challenge themselves with a half marathon or maybe finishing the Tough Mudder. Whatever the goal is, it is all good. 

IHRSA research shows that January is the second most popular month for new memberships at gyms, a 12% increase from an average month. So, many go about their fitness resolutions by way of the gym. 

According to a University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology study published last month, losing weight was number 1 and staying fit and healthy number 5 in its Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2012. 

Seeing health- and fitness-related resolutions are high on many agendas, IHRSA decided to ask members, and members of their clubs, what theirs are. 

“To reverse the unhealthy tipping point by passing effective legislation to incent and reward healthy behaviors in the state of Minnesota.And with Minnesota leading the way, other states will follow.”
Chuck Runyon, CEO and Co-founder, Anytime Fitness 

“Remember every new person’s name I formally meet at the Club.”
Adrian Korosec, Assistant General Manager,  Tucson Racquet and Fitness Club 

“Apart from starting a regular workout, I will start to have my own journal of healthy food recipes. Bringing packed lunch to work will make us eat the right amount of food. Less grease, less fat. When you eat out, you don't have a choice but to finish a whole bunch of serving because you don't want it wasted. If you do it all the time, you will be wasted yourself. I believe that a healthy lifestyle starts with healthy food. The best part, share it with a friend so you won't eat it all.”
Karen Ann P. Acosta, Front of House Manager, Fitness First, Oasis Center Dubai 

“More plyometrics, less time on the elliptical, more fruit and protein, fewer carbs, visit an Anytime Fitness club outside the U.S., more time with my wife, more golf, more photos, meet great people and share their stories, and learn new social media skills.”
Mark Daly, National Media Director, Anytime Fitness 

“Turn off the TV for a month (or more).”
Sally, member, Tucson Racquet and Fitness Club 

“Do not look at smart phone while sitting with friends at a meal.”
Craig, member, Tucson Racquet and Fitness Club 

Cedardale Health & Fitness in Haverhill, Mass., is currently running an Employee Biggest Loser Program, challenging employees to have fitness goals and with the help of a personal trainer get results!!! Here's a few New Year's resolutions: 

Lori M: To lose inches, gain flexibility and reduce sweets!

Bethany B: To become the strongest, most healthy fit/woman I know I can be!

Janelle B: To be consistent with workouts and make better choices with meals and snacks! 

Heather M: To get in better shape and feel healthier! 

Terry M: Increase flexibility and decrease those bad carbs! 

Karen A: To lose 10 pounds and try new workouts and learn how to hate chocolate! 

Tom M: To increase my cardio and strength workouts to prevent injuries and to keep up with the young bucks on the basketball court! 


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