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This Gold's Gym gets with the program

Gold's Gym Suwanee/Sugar Hill was named the top group fitness programming for all 650 locations worldwide.

Owners: Chris and Jauxniece Palmer
Location: Sugar Hill, Ga.
Employees: 3 FT, 43 PT and Group X instructors
Members: 4,700+
Year opened: 2005


At the Gold’s Gym of Suwanee/Sugar Hill, outside of Atlanta, owners Chris and Jauxniece Palmer want their club to have a family feel. To that end they make sure there are plenty of offerings for their members, ages 1 to 100 (or very close to it). 

One way they have gone about it is the variety of group exercises and the participation – 73 classes offered and 38% of the 4,700 members take part in at least one per week. All members ages 14 and older are welcome to take a class as part of their membership. 

For their efforts and effectiveness they were named Best Group Programming for all Gold’s Gyms worldwide – 650 locations. 

We serve our members from the age of 1yr to (possibly) 100 years with over 73 classes weekly on our complimentary group fitness schedule and 38% participation, male and female. 

One way they accomplish the high participation rate is the variety of youth classes they offer, including GYMjamz, created by the owners, and a couple classes open to the public.

For more on Gold's Gym of Suwanee/Sugar Hill: 

Club vision/vision statement: Our vision is to lead our families, seniors and youth towards a stronger understanding of how to make fitness FUN again. To break the stereotypes that surround our industry and those who are hesitant to be involved in it. To be an asset to our community through the programs we offer to all residents and businesses.

Classes: The majority of the schedule consists of BTS licensed programs: Group Power, Centergy, Active, Step, Ride, Kick, Core, a few freestyle programs such as traditional Pilates, Yoga, and Tai Chi, and Zumba.

We serve the youth population beginning with FITkiz (ages 1-5), which is open to the public and held one day a week after preschool hours.  R.E.C.E.S.S., ZENkidz, and GYMjamz (our privately designed programs for ages 5-10) classes are offered after traditional school hours. (these programs are designed and in the works to be rolled out in other clubs across the nation) We also offer parent/child combo classes at hours conducive to a traditional school schedule.

In addition to the above listed programs, we serve the senior population with Silver Sneakers classes 6 days a week. 

Offerings: strength, cardio, classes, small group pt, saunas, childcare, tanning, silver sneakers and youth programming.

Innovative ideas at club: Perx, Youth Program Development, Schedule layout/direction, Ten or More Board, GYMjamz. Two main things of importance that we have begun here are the Perx and Youth Programs as a way to create value for our members outside of the gym!

Where you hope the club will be in 5 years: Relocated within the community, with additional gymnastics, cheer, youth sports programming that will carry our community through each stage of their lives conveniently, efficiently, effectively, and with unrivaled enthusiasm. We wish to increase the activity level of ALL our members to a level where they ALL achieve or strive for 10 days of activity a month or more! We have increased this number from 14% average in 2010 to 29% average in 2012 alone with the retention programs we have in place.

Owners Chris and Jauxniece PalmerArea in which you would be of assistance for networking: member Retention through use of social media, youth fitness, family programming, and group fitness;  integration of our program into other facilities to help stimulate value in their memberships as well as the businesses in their surrounding communities.

Describe area/community club is in: Northern suburbs of Atlanta (

Do you have any community outreach programs: Yes. Perx Advantage, which as above stimulates the community small businesses through strategic exposure to our members.

Youth fitness programs such as FITkidz which is open to the public, as well as FAMILY Zumba on Saturdays. We offer our youth program (R.E.C.E.S.S.) to area churches, schools as a part of their camps and “special activity days”. 

We run a Get Back to Active program for those in physical or financial need as determined during the cancellation to freeze process. It requires a member to achieve a pre-determined amount of check-ins in exchange for the waiving of the next month’s invoice. 

Famous former or current members: Amanda Weir (Davis), Olympic Medalist swimmer; John Wesley Shipp, “Dawson’s Creek;” Trina Braxton, sister of Toni Braxton and on “The Braxton Family Values;” Brian McCann, Atlanta Braves;  Mark DeRosa, Washington Nationals. 


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