With so many in need of getting healthier, fitness industry is thriving
Fri, July 6, 2012 at 14:08
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Those who have never been in shape or worked out much are starting to realize there is something for them at the gym.

And that is why the fitness industry is thriving, or “recession-proof,” as Adam Sedlack, senior vice president of UFC Gym, with five California locations, said.

According to a recent report by Los Angeles-based research firm IBISWorld. The industry has grown 2.3% for the past five years, and membership has grown by 6.5 million from 2002 to 2011.


Wellness programs at your fingertips  

It just got easier for a doctor to prescribe a wellness program.

BodySite.com, which started a platform in April solely for medical and wellness professionals, allows to creates a program for an individual.

Once that person logs on, BodySite.com will send reminders, related content, doctor’s advice and guidance and more, via a text message, e-mail or over the web.


'Garage style training' in NZ 

New Zealand chain cityfitness is introducing a new concept that allows separate user pays.

What is being called “garage style training,” cityfitness is offering TRX Suspension Training, Boxmaster and CrossFit inside select gyms. 

“With several new international gym chains entering the New Zealand market, we saw this as a way to really differentiate cityfitness as a market leader and provider of a more personalised fitness solution’,” cityfitness Managing Director Dominic Rogerson said. 

Retain members with perks  

Member retention is always on the minds of fitness club’s general managers. 

David Lloyd Leisure, which has almost 100 clubs in Europe, including 80 in the UK, is offering rewards for those who have had their membership for more than two years.

Perks include guest passes and discounts at Café’bar. 

Become a trainer, make a million 

If you read IHRSA’s latest report, The Future is Bright: U.S. Health Club Employment Outlook, you know that trainers and class instructors are expected to be hot careers over the next decade. 

Using that information, and Personal Training Marketing Expert Sam Bakhtiar advice, and you could be looking a quite a lucrative profession. 

Bakhtiar is offering his new DVD that breaks down the steps in an easy way. And, it is only $7.


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