Why did you come to IHRSA‚Äôs Summit for a Healthier America?
Wed, May 2, 2012 at 10:02
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Attendees of IHRSA's 10th Annual IHRSA Summit for a Healthier America answer why they are attending the Summit.


Steve Harris, owner
Cross Court Athletic Club, Woodland, CA

“This is the 10th year and I have not participarted yet. I felt that instead of complaining that it was time to participate. The state of California has a lot of issues and I thought it was time to come and get answers.”


Kathy Guibord, senior director
Atlantic Club, Red Bank and Manasquan, NJ

“I came to talk about our roles as health clubs and how exercise is the solution. I want to get that message to our politicians.”


Bryan O’Rourke, principal

“I came to help IHRSA execute its core mission … to raise the level of public policy. Of course I also came to visit with my colleagues and to get up to the hill and visit with congressional leaders face to face.”


Debbie Nogawa
Pacific Athletic Club, Redwood City, CA

“I stumbled upon the topic when I was on the IHRSA website last week. It completely caught my eye. I wanted to come here and have my voice heard and represent California. Change can happen if we have enough (people) involved.”


Adam Zwyewr, director of marketing and operations

“SPRI makes products so people with have the tools (to get in shape). The bottom line is we offer safe tools to be fit and healthy. (The Summit) aligns with our goals that we (profess) on a daily basis.”


Ranee Appleby, medical referrals director, and Ann Lerch, Wellness
Brick Bodies, Baltimore area

“I work with the Wellness programs and Ranee is a director of medical referrals and we came to network, find out more (about the issues) and advocate for the programs we are passionate about.”


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