You’ll love this high-energy tennis workout
Fri, April 20, 2012 at 14:54
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There is no question that a tennis match can give as good of a workout that you can find at a gym. How about a new trend that combines the two – cardio tennis?

The one-hour session is done to music and includes hitting balls, agility ladders, skipping ropes and sideline drills.

What is your club’s brand?

With competition around every corner it is imperative to stand out. And knowing your company’s brand is a good place to start 

Branding is more than a logo. It is your interaction with current and potential customers, from your website and social media to your employees and your participation in your community.

Defy gravity with this workout

The new trend of anti-gravity yoga may look unconventional and probably takes more practice to master it than you would think.

But workouts like these can give you a dancer’s body better than weights and cardio marchines.

Fitness expert shares his marketing secrets 

If you are having difficulties attracting new business and fitness leads than a new eBook by a fitness professional may be able to turn your numbers from red to black.

Dr. Sam Bakthiar, founder of Fitness Consulting, Inc., has helped many personal fitness trainers generate new and profitable leads.

Proposed California health club tax hopes to fight deficit 

California is looking to trim its $9.2 billion deficit. And taxing club owners is one of its ways. The bill would impose a 4% tax n any services – membership fees, personal trainers and classes.

Illuminate while on the elliptical

A winner in the Green Dot Award competition has come up with an idea that will make working out worthwhile: generating energy while on a cardio machine.


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