Take part in the Employee Compensation & Benefits Report
Fri, October 26, 2012 at 15:42
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Do you wonder if you are paying your staff enough? Do you worry that you are not in line with similar-sized facilities when it comes to benefits? Do you think poor pay and benefits could be the reason you have a high turnover rate for your staff?

IHRSA is in the process of gathering data for the 2013 Employee Compensation & Benefits Report. The data could not only help you get your benefits package on par with your business peers, but we are asking member clubs to participate, whcih could assist your colleagues with your club's informaiton.

Club operators who participate - all information is confidential - will recieve a free PDF of The 2013 IHRSA Employee Compensation & Benefits Report before it is released. The deadline for participating is Wednesday, November 16, 2012.  

New to the bevy of data and information from 2011 is sortable data by club type and size, and fitness-only versus multi-purporse. Also, there is data for job titles in the following departments: 

The report comes out every two years.

Click here for more information or to participate in the suvey or to order the 2011 Report.

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