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More than bundling up when exercising in cold weather

There will be no avoiding the cold, blustery weather in many parts of the country in the coming months. 

But that doesn’t mean your exercise regimen can’t include the occasional outside work. 

The American Council on Exercise’s chief science officer said as long as you prepare to not get hypothermia you should be OK. 

Palin to pen exercise book

If you think you have seen every possible celebrity penning a new fitness book, here’s one most of us would never have imagined: Sarah Palin. 

Yes, the former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate is putting out an exercise book that she says is how her family does it: delicious food and physical activity. 

The announcement comes, ironically, soon after she was spotted in Los Angeles looking … not so healthy.

Healthy Halloween contest 

When you think of Halloween, fitness and a healthy image certainly doesn’t come to mind. Children inhale candy handfuls at a time, and adults’ party fare is usually far from what most would call healthy. 

A Seattle toy company is trying to insert a little exercise into the holiday with contest wear kids submit costumes that are health or fitness related. 

Coincidentally, the entire line at WOD Toys, LLC, is fitness-themed, with offerings like Barbell Mini, the Kettle Kid and the Medball Mini. 

Pictures should be sent to WOD by Oct. 25. Kids do not have to have a WOD toy in the photo.

Cybex CEO produces second movie

John Aglialoro’s second foray into the movie producing game, “Atlas Shrugged: Part II,” comes out today, Oct. 12. 

Aglialoro is CEO and chairman of Cybex International, a post he has held since 2000. 

The Ayn Rand novel takes place in the future when the United States is in a deep depression and the country’s leading industrialists are mysteriously disappearing. It is viewed as a strong supporter of capitalism. 

The film has some big names: Samantha Mathis, D.B. Sweeney, Ayre Gross, Esai Morales, Diedrich Bader and Michael Gross.


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