Q&A with Anastasia Yusina, European Congress attendee
Wed, October 10, 2012 at 15:08
IHRSA in Anastasia Yusina, European Congress, Strata Partners, Vienna

Anastasia Yusina, president of Strata Partners in Russia.The 12th Annual European Congress is fast approaching. A global event hosted by IHRSA, this year it is in Vienna, Austria, from Nov. 1-4.

The event features presentations by both those inside the industry as well as outside. There are plenty of networking opportunities, receptions and commentary on current trends.

We took some time to ask a prominent player at the Congress about her feelings and ideas about the annual event.

Anastasia Yusina is president of Strata Partners in Russia and last year was IHRSA European Club Leadership Award recipient, which recognizes a club leader who has done the most to advance their company and the industry, and the moderator for the CEO panel discussion. 


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Together with her husband, Alexey, Yusina started Strata Partners 10 years ago with one club. Today, the company has 33 clubs; 2 brands - Orange Fitness and City Fitness; locations in 3 countries; 70,000 members; and over €29-million in annual revenue.

Yusina is a regular attendee of the congress and works with IHRSA, as a founding member of IHRSA's European Council, to encourage other Europeans, especially fellow Russian club owners, to attend the event. 

Let’s see if her answers will encourage others to make a last-minute decision to attend.

This is the first of two Q&As with regular attendees of the European Congress. The second will run Oct. 17.

1. What is your favorite part of the Congress? 

I like the roundtables part and keynote speakers, both inside the industry and outside of the industry points of view. 

2. What are you looking forward to about the upcoming event in Vienna? 

We are bringing quite a big group of Russian peers and we will have some additional meeting to discuss where the industry is going. Those meeting at IHRSA became traditional for Russian group and they give us the opportunity to share opinions about trends, problems and exchange ideas. Of course this will be a good addition to the main program. 

3. What is one good idea you got from a past Congress (be sure to note which Congress)? 

After Congress in Milan we definitely decided to launch the Medical Fitness concept that we did this September. We are counting on a big success of it. 

4. Do you have a message for club operators who may be thinking about coming but haven't decided yet? 

Congress is a unique possibility to check where you are. If all that is announced during presentation is in the line with what you are doing already - it means that you on the trend - great! If you have some new ideas - even better, you can make a step forward. Don't miss this! 

5. How is this event different from other events you attend? 

I hope that it will be at least as productive as all IHRSA events before.


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