This Week in Fitness: Could A Pill Help Fight Obesity?
Fri, January 20, 2012 at 11:47
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Boston researchers have discovered a hormone produced by muscles during exercise which boosts the amount of calories the body burns.

In experiments with mice, Harvard Medical School researchers found that inducing greater levels of the hormone in obese, pre-diabetic mice led to weight loss, increased energy expenditure, and improvements in insulin resistance, which is a risk factor for diabetes.

Diabetes Prevention Program

A national community-based diabetes prevention program in the United States could prevent or delay 885,000 cases of type 2 diabetes over 25 years, a new federal government study says.

Overall, the program would save $29.8 billion in medical costs. But, the program itself would require a $24 billion investment. Still, the researchers said, it would only take about 14 years to recoup the money spent on the program.

Controversy With Yoga

You've likely heard about the many benefits of yoga, but a recent New York Times story, has stirred up more than a little controversy in the yoga community.

The research in the article isn't groundbreaking: doing any form of exercise you could potentially hurt yourself. If you look at the injury rates of other physical activities, the number of injuries sustained from yoga would pale in comparison.

ACE Announces Its Fitness Industry Vision Report for 2012

The American Council on Exercise (ACE®), today released its annual vision report for fitness in America. Among the organization's ongoing efforts to inspire, motivate and encourage people to make physical activity an integral part of their everyday lives,  ACE affirms its 10 key objectives to help individuals from all walks of life and communities from coast to coast come together to take action in support of the nation's goal to combat the obesity epidemic.


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