This Week in Fitness: Exercise Can Save Lives in the Battle Against Breast Cancer
Fri, January 13, 2012 at 10:46
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In the battle against breast cancer, there's one self-defense tool that every woman should be wielding. Exercise. And with the direct national cost for breast cancer care in the United States at $16.5 billion yearly, we need to be instituting public policies and community strategies that help ensure that she can.

Employers Aim To Improve the Health of Workers

The American College of Sports Medicine’s annual, worldwide survey overviews what you might see in local health clubs and wellness programs this year. Comprehensive health promotion programs at work and worker incentive programs both made the top 20 this year. These trends might come in response to recent health care reform legislation and as an attempt to reduce rising health care costs experienced by both small and large companies and corporations. 

ABC Financial Announces Integration Enhancements

DataTrak's Integration with Visual Fitness Planner, Retention Management, and InTouch Technology allows ABC customers the ease of program implementation directed toward prospecting, sales growth and member retention. By integrating ABC's DataTrak with our vendor partners, real-time information is passed smoothly between the software platforms and marketing tools. 

Consumer Electronics Show Names Most Innovative Health Products

The latest and greatest in health-related technology is on display at the Consumer Electronics Show, including a therapy robot, tiny hearing aids and a home monitoring system that have been named most innovative in the health and wellness sector, among other products at this year's show.

Insurers Understand Benefit to Fitness

The offer of a fitness club membership is helping insurers including UnitedHealth Group Inc. and Humana Inc. draw healthier and less costly patients to their Medicare programs, said researchers reporting in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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