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71-Year-Old Holds Ab Plank for Over 36 Minutes, Setting Unofficial World Record

A 71-year-old Anytime Fitness member unofficially breaks the Guinness World Record for longest abdominal plank.
71-Year-Old Anytime Fitness Member Hold Ab Plank for Over 36 Minutes, Setting Unofficial World Record

One woman went from sitting in a hospital bed weighing in at 235 pounds, to holding an abdominal plank for over 36 minutes in just two years. She also lost 110 pounds in the process. Anytime Fitness boasted about one of it's most remarkable members by sending out a press release, and now the 71-year-old's amazing journey from overweight to unofficial world record holder is attracting a lot of media attention.

What is Functional Fitness? Good Question.

While some of us in the fitness industry talk about functional fitness like preachers from The Church of the Kettlebell, there's a large portion of the population that has no idea what we really mean when we say the term. That's why we find this article from Fitness Goop, which attempts to define functional fitness, so helpful.

The lesson for health club professional and, especially, personal trainers: remember that your clients, often times, don't have the same knowledge of fitness trends that you do.

Reebok to Give $25 Million Back to Customers for Unproven Health Claims

You know those shoes that claim to give you a better body? Yea, well those claims got at least one company, Reebok, in trouble. Now the major shoe manufacturer has to give back $25 million to their customers.Bloomberg Businessweek reports:

"The agency said the ads made unsupported claims that walking in EasyTone footwear was 'proven' to tone buttocks 28 percent more than other sneakers and build calf muscles by 11 percent more."

This story has a very real lesson for the fitness industry: don't make health claims you can't back up.

Charter Fitness to Create 200 Jobs

Like a great politician would, Charter Fitness has announced in a press release that they plan to create 200 jobs in the Chicagoland area within the next year. This is great for the fitness industry and the state of Illinois, which has an unemployment rate higher than the national average, hovering just below 10 percent as of Sep. 29.

IHRSA President Joe Moore Argues Health Clubs are Positioned to Fight Diseases

Hearing a term like "noncommunicable diseases" probably doesn't conjure up images of a health club. IHRSA President Joe Moore is trying to change that, and he made his case in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram this week. His logic: heart disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory disease - all noncummicable diseases - can be prevented with regular exercise. 

Curves' "Not For Sissies" Day Empowers Women, Pays Tribute to Armed Services

The female-franchise Curves' and its members celebrated the third annual "Not For Sissies" day on September 20th.

This year they took the opportunity to pay tribute to the United States' armed services by publicizing the IHRSA Joining Forces Network, which helps to empower women and men by giving away free health club memberships to the families of deployed Reservists and National Guard Members. For more information on the IHRSA Joining Forces Network, visit

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