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This Week in Fitness: Is Core Strength Overrated?

Photo: myyogaonlineIs Core Strength Overrated?

Working out the core has been, perhaps, one of the most popular fitness trends of the past decade. John Cissick studied the value of core strength and found that, while it does increase strength in the torso, it has little benefit when it comes to athletic performance or injury prevention, the Montreal Gazette reports.

Real Estate Roundup

Last week, we reported that, as a result of high vacancy rates, retail landlords are looking to health clubs for more business. Rick Berks is taking advantage of that trend, as he positions his YouFit health clubs in prime retail real estate that would have been impossible for a health club to gain access to just a few years ago.

The State of Massachusetts

Good old Massachusetts; home of the greatest people, sports teams, and, apparently, health club members on earth. (Disclaimer: IHRSA is based in Boston and I must admit we're not being totally objective here.) The state has the highest rate of health club members in the country, according to a research report by IHRSA. (Hey, that's us!)

Indian Market Growth

The Indian health club market will reach RS 87,500 crore within three years, according to IBN Live. For those of you not familiar with the Indian Rupee, that's roughly $18.3 million.

Trainer Saves Two Lives

Joe Pignone is a personal trainer by trade but a lifesaver in practice. The Chicago area personal trainer saved two lives in the past two years. Pignone revived a gym-goer who went into cardiac arrest while running around the suspended track inside Pavilion Fitness Club.

Chuck Norris or Joe Mauer?

Anytime Fitness signed Joe Mauer to an endorsement deal and decided to create a few Chuck Norris-esque jokes for publicity's sake. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Joe Mauer once went to The Virgin Islands ... when he left they were just called The Islands.
  • When Joe Mauer visits Lake Superior, it temporarily becomes Lake Inferior.
  • Joe Mauer's mom has a tattoo that says son.

For a full list of Joe Mauer jokes, read the whole article in the StarTribune.

Reader Comments (1)

I guess not. Maybe core strengthening just needs to be done in moderation because there are more important things to do than just core strengthening.

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